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  1. wideband O2 sensor question (is it fucked?)
  2. Dumb question, yes I know..
  3. uberdata o2sensor heater?
  4. Got my Datalogging setup Going
  5. obd1engine with obd0 ecu
  6. newb to Uberdata can someone explain( i searched)
  7. Starting problems w/ uber (running really rich)
  8. WIDEBAND A/F's???
  9. CEL, Car runs horrible
  10. Check engine light... which friggin code it is?
  11. Bar map sensor question
  12. megasquirt
  13. what obd1 dizzy can i use on my dohc zc?
  14. d16a1 pg7 ecu succesfully chipped
  15. Afc on obd0
  16. Turboedit OBD1 plugin?
  17. ? about my ecu HELP!!!
  18. Quick question for LM-1 users
  19. Accord basemap (f22a6)
  20. newb with uber...CEL 22
  21. Solid CEL with projekteg ecu HELP!!!
  22. Wich engine management for a Toyota Corolla XRS
  23. basic laptop requirments for turbo edit
  24. wierd problem at full throttle
  25. P61 (92-93 GSR) ECU for 30bucks? never happen.....
  26. this wideband any good
  27. Opinons / jdm d15b Uber Bin po6 street tunned by noob!
  28. need help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. NOVA people who need some uberdata tuning
  30. Batronix Eeprom burner not working.
  31. help with understanding NG55 basemap helper and Basemap
  33. TurboEDIT and DSM 450's running like stock?
  34. Ben Ogle's BRE - OBD0 PR3/PW0 boost code
  35. another pissed off zeitronix owner
  36. 30#/325cc injectors.....how much HP??????
  37. Time Measure in ECUControl
  38. base map question
  39. Zeitronix on accord
  40. Cannot ID Chip with the Willem.... & other issues...
  41. injectors
  42. dsm injectors with stock fpr
  43. what resistors (yeah i dubble posted, meh)
  44. "incorrect ostrich version" question
  45. FMU question
  46. Help with 450s
  47. Anyone have experience with the HKS S-afr? I have some questions...
  48. crome download link...
  49. blue box wiring instruc on eg civic anyone have
  50. FMU choice? help me out
  51. convert injector size in uber
  52. v-tec wiring 4 p2p HELP!!!
  53. closed loop vs. open loop
  54. dataloggin problems with uberdata and LM-1
  55. Cross Overpoint?
  56. GM 3bar map sensor questions
  57. Where to download uberdata (again)
  58. Need Help in So Cali
  59. TE picture with Ideal AFR
  60. Need Base maps for Turbo Edit
  61. D16A9 original timing map in degrees...
  62. VAFC question
  63. VAFC, vtec no workie + blitz power meter
  64. Where does the dataloggin header go in this ECU??
  65. Zdyne is now working :)
  66. 2.2 Turbo injectors
  67. Great Injector Resource!
  68. obd1 J1 jumper connected with a resistor?
  69. Installed Uberdata Idle surge help!!!!
  70. 93 GSR obd1 P61 ECU
  71. Willem Problems
  72. Name this problem, Thanks for Anyone who helps out
  73. These basemap settings sound ok? (Uberdata)
  74. Uberdata chip question
  75. map sensor....
  76. Good Work USB Data Cable Found
  77. Basemap lean under boost.
  78. Zdyne Serial-phone adaptor
  79. Spark strength question.
  80. trying to burn a 256k file to a SST 27Sf512 chip
  81. Laptop doesn't like turboedit, need help ASAP!
  82. *Noob* Uberdata Help!!!
  83. getting a LC-1 wideband and a few questions
  84. closed loop or open loop?
  85. i have some P28 questions... :)
  86. need beerbongs map for a 3bar map sensor
  87. Any idea where I can find a driver for this USB->serial cable??
  88. rpm switch or obd conversion?
  89. Proposed hardware method of fitting GM (Hitachi) 3" or 3.5" MAF to 1G DSM
  90. Problems with Willem burner
  91. Equation for tuning fuel maps. Please help before I try to tune.
  92. Chipped injector heads
  93. need some help with turbo edit stuff
  94. dx to si distributor wiring
  95. my obd1 dizzy is not throwing spark
  96. Basics on tuning.....
  97. pr3 maps in a pm6?
  98. need my ecu chipped for ubberdata...who can do it?
  99. DSM EVO 550's
  100. Need a good h22a turbo base tune>>>
  101. K&N Air/fuel monitor?
  102. just a few Q's...and hopefully some A's
  103. limp mode! help
  104. Final Datalogging but some Q's
  105. TPS voltage question.
  106. can i chip a "P3Y" ECU ?
  107. jdm ecu chipping
  108. P75 OBD2, now if I convert it too OBD1 from JDMSHIT.com....
  109. P05 vs. P06... what is the difference?
  110. FMU vs. FPR
  111. fmu
  112. chipping a p13?
  113. do the pr4 and pm6 have the same pinouts?
  114. New Writeup for Uberdata - Quick Disconnect Datalogging Cable install
  115. Bigger injectors
  116. Tuning Help
  117. Car will not start
  118. h22 ek swap fried ecu, was running, now no spark.....pics, need ideas
  119. Uberdata Download
  120. 2.5bar and total timming Q!
  121. ECU question
  122. Wideband/HF?
  123. I really suck at chip burning!
  124. Need some help guys, what ecu am i to run?
  125. Confusion about Plugs.
  126. OBD1 ecu running obd2 trans
  127. To chip, or not to Chip.
  128. Wideband Voltage Values (Don't post if you don't know WTF this is)
  129. swapping blue box for chipped p28 on turbo b16
  130. AEM UEGO Wideband O2
  131. A/F ratio for LS-Turbo
  132. Need a TurboEdit tuner near SC ASAP
  133. TUNING TIPS????
  134. Tuning AFR's for N/A.
  135. SAFC-2 install questions on EF
  136. Neptune?
  137. greddy rebic 3? cant find how to use instructions anywhere.... do you know?
  138. SDS EIC + MSD BMT or Megasqurit
  139. dsm 450's without the resistor pack?
  140. 450cc injectors
  141. p06 uberdata question for f22b dsm setup
  142. tuners in ohio
  143. Fried Drivers for injector #1 on P72 ecu. Any fixes?
  144. Ignition breakup in high rpm wot?
  145. ill pay you $5 for directions on the obd0-obd1 conversion harness.....
  146. Car running limp and solid CEL
  147. what do you think? please let me know
  148. Sudden lean condition, need help.
  149. vafc is kinda shitty but it runs
  150. PR3 to PM6-A09
  151. Hondata DIY or for professionals only?
  152. Willem Problem with SSt chip
  153. need tunner
  154. injector sizes
  155. engine managment help
  156. What SST Chip?
  157. fmu uberdata or suer afc ?
  158. ***reward*** F22A basemap of uberdata 1.7
  159. Looking at a civic tomorrow, quick question!
  160. Running in Close Loop?
  161. Just Curious... Pluggin a socket into a socket, can you do it?
  162. Uberdata Forums
  163. Problems with Datalogging......bleh
  164. Weird error with Moates Burn 1..."File larger than selected chip" (???)
  165. obd1 vtec dizzy
  166. ECU PM7 can be chipped?
  167. lol, check out the custom ecu covers!!!!!!!!!!!
  168. Tuning Techniques - Part. Throttle Tuning
  169. Supply a basemap or someone else's basemap for an obd1 gsr turbo?
  170. GM flashing tuning software/hardware
  171. code 16- fuel injectors
  172. do i need a computer for it
  173. MAP sensor question
  174. please help i have no car! solid cell for code.
  175. Chipping
  176. wtf help
  177. greddy blue box work on obd0 ecu????
  178. MPX4250DP (Searched)
  179. "splicing" maps.. what do to once you reach the 1.3 psi max for stock map
  180. Uberdata question?
  181. go ahead and lock it up... thanks
  182. Uberdata or Crome?
  183. Uberdata & Starting
  184. obd0 vtec ecu's and turboedit.. is there any hope for ppl with pr3?
  185. MegaSquirt
  186. help problem with my fuel system
  187. 3 wire IACV to 2 wire IACV?
  188. turbo edit ------- with me...
  189. feilds vtec controller wiring diagrams for a pm6 ecu?
  190. Possible to run uber off of an IPAQ?
  191. Anyone own a PLX M300?
  192. zeitronix with belkin serial to usb.....no datalogging
  193. where to get serial to usb adapter for zeitronix wideband?
  194. quick shoppin help
  195. downloading from a chip
  196. IACV Codes
  197. uberdata chipping problems
  198. swapping ecu's
  199. P2P
  200. D15B7 Injector size?
  201. chipping a p07
  202. erasing chips
  203. MS2 or Crome
  204. torn traces on ecu!!
  205. moates burn1 installation problem...
  206. Breaking up in full throttle...!
  207. uberdata with a p14
  208. Another weird Willem Issue (Reading SST's)
  209. lean condition...
  210. Uberdata tuning, breaking up alot
  211. Dont wana ---- anything up, so help me!! (datalogging cable) **pics**
  212. Started car without chip in NEED HELP ASAP
  213. which base map?
  214. Zeitronix O2 Sensor Replacement...?
  215. Step Retard Timing Values(Uberdata)
  216. Honda Tuning Magazine - June 2005
  217. with the program uberdata does the map sensor, stock, read boost.
  218. chip burning
  219. i could use some help on this please
  220. Willem LPT Problem
  221. just some more MPFI conversion wiring problems
  222. anyone have password for chrome?
  223. what burner is this
  224. Can anyone tune with Turbo Edit in San Diego????
  225. I love ostrich
  226. t3 on a std t25 motor
  227. Anyone here uses Chrome for Boost??????
  228. stealthmode correctinjec injectors...
  229. how do u chip help
  230. Is this a 3-bar map sensor?
  231. Ostich driver please!
  232. Ongoing dilemna, tip in is fixed tho
  233. No fuel or spark
  234. My willem died
  235. LM1 possible problem
  236. how does the ECu thing work when installing a turbo?
  237. fuel system.
  238. need p28 info
  239. Turboedit Tuners Near Tacoma
  240. turbo edit
  241. 12v switched power on honda ecu?
  242. Tuning choices...opinions
  243. got CEL 3 after installing greddy blue box, need help
  244. HELP!!!
  245. PM6 running turbo LS Vtec, any issues?
  246. p13's usable?
  247. Gredddy blue box
  248. TE header question
  249. H22 running on P28 question
  250. safc settings