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  1. Does any on run advanced timing with boost?
  2. need some help
  3. need tuner in nc area with urber
  4. Different Max Boost and Spike controller.... autospeed.com
  5. Places to get ZIF sockets? looks like moates will be down a while
  7. Couple of simple questions about ODB2 to ODB1 and tuning.
  8. washing cylinders
  9. witch wd o2
  10. where to find a obdo to obd1 harness adapter at. asap
  11. Help--sluggishness with my 97 civic ex and odd gapping on spark plugs
  12. my civic is fucked up!
  13. how much boost psi with the e-manage???
  14. fuel pump bad?
  15. How to use step retard in TE ?
  16. D.I.Y. wide band question!
  17. Stock D16 with 450s! How??? :(
  18. need some tipps for my setup
  19. Map sensor voltages
  20. HMT - Tuner Directory (Uberdata, Crome, TurboEdit, others?)
  21. DTEC-FC
  22. wideband, datalogging questions
  23. any uber tuners in sw michigan
  24. ECU control, need help!
  25. how do I connect my wideband to a laptop
  26. volvo injectors
  27. difference in basemaps, stock VS 2.5/3 bar
  28. safc/vafc with uberdata?
  29. 3 q's map,o2, and turbo
  30. I Need a Uberdata tunner in PNW Seattle Area!!
  31. Sudden random problem burning chip with Willem
  32. using crome,uberdata, etc. on a different make engine possible?
  33. obd1 swap
  34. How-to: DSM injector / resistor box install - very helpfull
  35. D16Z6 tuners with an VAFC... HELP!!!!!!
  37. 3 bar not work w/ uber? f-off!! 300hp b16 and 400hp ls/vtec b#tches!!
  38. Chipped ECU Question!
  39. anyone know the specs on Huyndai injectors
  40. chipping a p72
  41. Zietronix USB error...
  42. Zeitronix datalogging and MAP voltage.
  43. Tuning a 2.3 ford turbo ?
  44. anybody's LC-1 end up looking like this?
  45. hey VA people...
  46. Any chance of leaning out or over riching using a 12:1fmu at 5-6psi?
  47. ever heard of a volt clamp instead of a missing link?
  48. i must be ------- retarded
  49. can't get chip burner to work
  50. Putting together a very low boost system, will a FMU work? ~3psi
  51. i can't download uberdata?
  52. All pm6's the same? wierd problem
  53. quick question, can you run a p28 bin on a chipped p06
  54. TurboEdit ?s need some services done also..
  55. turboedit tuner in maryland?
  56. AFC on a 97 civic!
  57. wht do you all think about the turboxs...
  58. vafc setting
  59. Turbo edit with a PM7 (zc ecu)?
  60. nissan chipping
  61. Multiple Runtime Errors in TE
  62. zeitronix wide band questions for you guys
  63. Is this a good deal for a WB?
  64. afr's are off between datalog and plx display
  65. Tuners In Northwest!!!!!!!!!!
  66. E-manage support tool hmt styl
  67. I need the new version of Turboedit and site is down!
  68. ODB0 to OBD1
  69. Help, car keeps dying
  70. so i bought crome pro...
  71. Vortech FMU Questioni
  72. Question about Zetronix Wideband....
  73. New Crome Release 1.1.8R2
  74. concerned. or maybe im just paranoid
  75. where can i find p72 spoon bins for uberdata 1.70
  76. Factory chipped PR4?
  77. p06 to p28 how to?
  78. what system is best to tune a turbo d16z6 powered crx
  79. can anyone show me where to chip a mr2('90)???
  80. weird uberdata problem
  81. Safc wiring diagram
  82. Crome Auto-Adjust Question
  83. obdo obd1 obd2 ? what harness goes to a 97 integra ls engine
  84. tried searching but no luck
  85. uberdata afr not stable
  86. PLX Device Voltages vs. AFR
  87. I want to make some investments in my tuning gear, help me spend money
  88. REAL E/M For a OBD-II Automatic Integra !??!?!
  89. Anyone tuning in Northeast Ohio
  90. where can i get this part??
  91. turbo timer instal
  92. Help with ecu
  93. Adding a Knock Monitor. Is the S-AFC good for somthing?
  94. newb : question with vafc....
  95. how to read af rations?
  96. Turboedit tuning in colorado?
  97. coolant temp sensor question
  98. fuckn willems' .. ..help!
  99. Do i have this right?
  100. Focus ZX3/turbo management?
  101. OBD0 Chipped ECu
  102. Engine Management
  103. N/A Talon to Turbo Talon- Need info on how to...
  105. Greddy blue box/ Fmu questions...
  106. Pr3 turbo fuelmap running on shitty gas.
  107. tbi turbo
  108. bosch wideband part ##
  109. how to extend fuel maps in uberdata
  110. uberdata quetion
  111. what and how do i tune my 93 hatch?want to learn plz!!
  112. engine harness i need help bad please!
  113. Converting auto pg7 to 5spd obdo
  114. another afc question
  115. help me out fellas
  116. DIY wideband and autometer gauge? uberdata ECU questions
  117. jdm p08 ecu
  118. question about dsm injectors... (asaplease)
  119. When tuning an AFC, what settings do you input to?
  120. Uberdata Tuning
  121. Can you use a fmu with maf??
  122. afc at 6 psi?
  125. Uberdata Tuner in PNW Seattle Washington?
  127. Leaning out up top on only 4psi???
  128. Remote mounting eeprom, can it be done?
  129. Help on tuning.
  130. Zeitronix help, not working
  131. injector Question With pics
  132. got my plx m300 hooked up. some questions...
  133. real quick question
  134. Mis-Fire problem no fixes please help
  135. SAFC BLUE WIRE MOD! Is it worth it???
  136. adapting a b18b map to run a b20, how much more fuel????
  137. VAFC Install Instructions - Definitive Guide (mostly)
  138. vafc install ??????
  139. YAAAARR!11 Possible cheap Hobbs switch type thingy!
  140. blown wire harness???
  141. what tuning program is this pic from
  142. zeitronix wide band
  143. Weird burning problem
  144. TPS XOver % and turboedit map editing 1-wire vtec question.
  145. ITB's, how to tune them on obdo pr3 ecu? what programs and sutch
  146. Startup question for TurboEDIT?
  147. Blox Check Valve
  148. NEED A TUNER for my k-pro turbo ep3 in MA
  149. equation for finding lambda difference? parker or davis *cough, cough*
  150. shift light in dash stay on
  151. can someone please take a look at my map before i run my car?
  152. vtec ecu???
  153. just converted to obd1
  154. TurboEdit and Vtec
  155. Uberdata just placed order
  156. field boxer series 2 info?
  157. DynotunedH22.bin on xenocron's site ???????
  158. How much does tempreture affect AFR?
  159. Need your help with my IDLE AFR on TE.
  160. need help with my Safc.
  161. ok noobie needs to know...
  162. Birth of my Home Made ECU
  163. nokia cable question
  164. Cold start vs normal injector.
  165. think I'm going to go with a Apexi S-AFC, opinions?
  166. Turbo Edit map problems
  167. Crome & Ostrich Q
  168. uberdata datalog??
  169. Turbo edit
  170. will these plugs plug in?
  171. Problem opening Turbo Edit
  172. Easiest to tune
  173. Burn me a base map for Uberdata?
  174. original tacho does not work!
  175. difference between safc 1 and 2
  176. Which ECU service to Use??
  177. Greddy TT problems
  178. Vortech FMU setup...Super FMU??
  179. VTEC points in uberdata?
  180. What engine managment options can I use for a Non-honda?
  181. hondata or uberdata??
  183. Apexi SAFC II question
  184. fuse #14???????????????????????
  185. 1986 volvo 740 injectors
  186. Resistor Box Qusestion
  187. 1.8L LS in a crx! i need help please
  188. Stock injectors yay or nea
  189. Tuning turboedit b16-boost
  190. which o2 sensor???
  191. Need help with the S-afc wires.
  192. Running Rich or Lean???
  193. OBD2 -> OBD1 conversion HELP!!!
  194. I'm a noob when it comes to fuel management on a boosted car, need some help
  195. 2 quick questions
  196. ECU? Need help
  197. More tuning q's!
  198. B16a wiring loom ?
  199. what is a "core" charge
  200. obd0-obd1 question?
  201. Turboedit, pm6 and vtec....?
  202. problems with sst chips
  203. quick ecu question
  204. Total newbie turbo project - need help
  205. greddy emanage questions????
  206. chrysler 2.2 TURBO INJECTORS???? 283.8cc good or not???
  207. Wideband doesn't work!!!
  208. lm-1 Rpm converter?????
  209. uberdata and on the fly tuning
  210. p28 ecu auto to manuel. Who does it $$$
  211. need obd0-1 how to for wiring obd1 dis on a obd0 harness?
  212. Limp mode. Gimme some help here.
  213. Bad injectors?????
  214. closed loop and open loop...
  215. using vafc as shift light????
  216. so i run lean at cold start and idle, can i damage my motor this way????
  217. part # for VW WB sensor
  218. Is my WB o2 shot?
  219. almost given up on wellim burner ?????????????????????????????????
  220. Safc2 lights up but no display
  221. Tuning q's with uber
  222. What Do i need to do to run on 8psi?
  223. Troble saving bins
  224. Resistor box
  225. burn1 took a ----
  226. My tach is going crazy!!!
  227. help!!! with willem burner(dual power)
  228. uberdata q
  229. i need help w/ my ecu code. 'Uberdata'
  230. Datalogging ? Sorry if this has been covered, i couldnt find the answer tho
  231. new question :)
  232. obd0-obd1 harness. how the hell do i get the pins out
  233. Look at my lambda log
  234. PM6 running LS-Vtec....having some issues
  235. Injector Impedence?
  236. turbo edit injectors sizing
  237. engine management
  238. Solid CEL...
  239. Projekteg, ecu question
  240. What do I need to datalog and tune this ---- myself?
  241. What verison ?
  242. LC-1 Lambda Cable
  243. got my rom burner and datalogging stuff, having some issues...
  244. pm6 ecu problem
  245. Datalogging AFR doesn't work, everything else does
  246. Tuning Vacuum with 450's ??
  247. fuel cutout?
  248. b-series wiring question
  249. Timing algorithm
  250. I cant seem to Get it!!!!