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  1. Check out my crank pulley tool I made
  2. My Next Project, Turbo Challenger
  3. Go kart modifications
  4. pedal stop writeup with pics competition clutch
  5. EF clutch pedal fix and complete hydro conversion
  6. Fast E-Cutout - Open in 1/10sec
  7. almost bought a smiley(still looking)
  8. Something different.
  9. Belt or Disc Sander?
  10. some dsm work, what would you charge for this?
  11. making an intake manifold
  12. bigger coilover sleeves???
  13. 9.5:1 Compression head gasket. How do I fabricate?
  14. tig welding video???
  15. a different design for a top mount GT35R goodness inside
  16. need some vband advice...warpage *welders chime in*
  17. need help roll cage 93 gsr
  18. manual exhaust cut out
  19. MOVED: where should i place a second O2 bung for tuning...
  20. JB weld tranny
  21. MOVED: Anyone interested in making a B-series downpipe?
  22. Home made trailer FTMFW
  23. quater pannel repair
  24. Miata downpipe T3 with external gate.
  25. where do i can get stuff for make my manifold
  26. Miller Auto-Set
  27. MOVED: Where you mount your moto map sensor
  28. process piping for exhaust
  29. HF autodarkening helmet TIG'in issues
  30. Flaring tubing for turbo flange ID
  31. TIG welding help and criticism. Aluminized steel and Aluminum plate
  32. ford RF2.0L ztec is just a honda vtec wannabe? not with an iron block!
  33. Twin turbo, LS1, T56, Blow through Grand National
  34. home made driveshaft
  35. cheap wheel spacers?
  36. random work pics & ---- ***updated june 17/08***
  37. how possible is it to weld my own exhaust with...
  38. Stamping metal?
  39. mazdaspeed3 down pipe
  40. check out my ----!! !!!! !! pics 4.30.08
  41. Twins
  42. Poor Man's exhaust cut-out
  43. Anyone have Mcmaster car PT#s
  44. Shaving down compressor housing flange?
  45. welding a an fuel pickup
  46. MOVED: IC pipeing
  47. Bored at work
  48. beaded ends on the pressure pipe? How Important?
  49. Made some sheet metal valve covers
  50. What do you need for a TIG? HF
  51. The "What do you Fab other then turbo stuff" Thread
  52. Dual 3" on RX7
  53. Anyone have pics of mild/stainless manifolds?
  54. tig welding alum.. serious questions
  55. Useful fab tool
  56. my less 10min test pipe "mig'ed"
  57. mild steel turbo manifold?
  58. paper cutout of collector cut?
  59. Where to buy WELD EL's
  60. What kind of decent price welder would you guys recommend
  61. MIG weld aluminum
  62. i need someone local to new england (boston) to weld me a wastegate elbow
  63. quick dumb gsr swap question please keep this in gd
  64. HHO micro torches??
  65. 75/25 gas w/ solid wire not shielding at all...
  66. sealing up v bands
  67. 1.8t + Garrett t series t3/t4e 57 trim
  68. First header
  69. What psi do you guys run your gas at on your mig?
  70. nissan t3 280z style downpipe flange
  71. what to use to port my hf mani?
  72. What do you pay for a size 160 tank of argon?
  73. Tig question: wg flange/valve seat bead cracking and I'm unsure why
  74. Welding 316L to 304L, can I do it?
  75. Chinese TIG welder owners (especially Smiley's) I need your help~!
  76. yeah just bought an oxy acetylene welder
  77. This TIG worth 50 bucks?
  78. Fab your own mounts
  79. griding tungsten
  80. collector jig for a chop saw, anyonw use one?
  81. Craftsman Mig Welder
  82. few mig attemps
  83. Mandrel Bends
  84. MOVED: Turbo guru's,help me understand a compressor map
  85. looking for butt weld fittings
  86. MOVED: exhaust manifolds
  87. MOVED: New, Merkur Xr4ti Holset
  88. MOVED: Slide Carb Turbo
  90. Fabbed up my first dP
  91. MOVED: oil cooler info needed...
  92. Fabrication Section Rules.
  93. Good Fab information.
  94. Solarflux "B" Anyone use this stuff?
  95. New Exhaust for the T100
  96. t3? t3/4? t what?
  97. Figured I'd post up this new goofy manifold I made.
  98. Welding crank to Pully? WORKED, FIXED, PICS!!
  99. What would you guys say about...
  100. aluminum brazing rods for filling in a coolant hole on an intake manifold?
  101. Building a 220v extention cord for a welder.
  102. Turbo Dakota Alive!!
  103. Welder
  104. Custom brake setup question
  105. How do I bore out the center of a wheel?
  106. Made an exhaust
  107. Single turbo tube header Designs
  108. any one know where to buy pre cut..just add weld ram horn kits?
  109. Welding Bench
  110. mig to tig conversion?
  111. DIY headers
  112. turbo sandrail (i don't think i posted it here...)
  113. redneck welding not-automotive (pics)
  114. Mig gas welding problem
  115. New to the forum...Question about a MIG Welder
  116. Cuts to make a collector?
  117. How do i make a dsm manifold fit on an h22 head
  118. Noob welder(mig)
  119. Started Tig Welding Aluminum.
  120. new job
  121. Made a test pipe
  122. 2 practice welds and some porn
  123. A non honda header I built ;)
  124. Utilizing Silicone-Bronze filler
  125. What happined to smiley tigs?
  126. Mig welding Aluminum.
  127. Anybody using the ebay AC/DC tig unit?
  128. Looking for stainless collectors.
  129. Any good tig welding books
  130. MOVED: T4 to T3
  131. NOOB - How to cap a barb fitting on my oil pan?
  132. what pre made mani will work???????
  133. NOOB needs help, I posted PORNZ
  134. Some of my fab, not exactly home-made though
  135. Some HMT style fabrication from across the pond!
  136. Mig welder run out of gas, what to do?
  137. One off Single turbo Dakota.
  138. First collector attempt
  139. first try
  140. hx55.. will it need bracing?
  141. remote mount fab Q's
  142. First try at TIG
  143. Hey guys, long time.
  144. log+gt28+a/c=tight
  145. Made a downpipe
  146. Using Google SketchUp for modeling a manifold
  147. big fiberglass repair
  148. MOVED: D series turbo mani????
  149. What Mig welder to buy ?!?
  150. Exhaust Header Bends
  151. First ever manifold - Migged log
  152. my first manifold
  153. thanks
  154. 2 stroke oil tank
  155. 16g metal good for dump pipe?
  156. any one have a lincoln v155 tig?
  157. D-series sidemount turbo mani
  158. changed out my cat with a high flow
  159. what size ID for turbo manifold?!?
  160. downpipe mounting noob ?
  161. what size filler rod to use?!?
  162. you guys ever try solar flux type b? for ss instead of purging.....
  163. MIG welding stainless?
  164. some aluminum work
  165. Rust + Front End repair 101
  166. Can someone make me a turbo adapter for the r18civic?
  167. HomeMadeRecliners?!?!?
  168. HMsign fab
  169. b series shift linkage
  170. MIGing stainless
  171. Log mani (please help) and my new project
  172. Where can i buy a 44mm wastegate flange???
  173. turbo manifold material ?
  174. 90amp welder ((cellphone pics update))
  175. Newb welder
  176. homemade gun
  177. 3" downpipe
  178. runnning in into fitting problems...
  179. how about some b20a5 love
  180. building a log manifold on a cheap budget
  181. Indian Learns to stick metal together (some nsfw)
  182. Post crash hmt rebuild
  183. Bought some stuff.
  184. MOVED: Problem: Oil leak on exhaust side of turbo.
  185. ---- using jb weld, try this instead!
  186. Homemade Sandrail?
  187. not your everyday write-up.. "Proton Pack inside" 56k negative
  188. Extended Strut Top-hats for Honda
  189. !!!! 5-bolt flange.
  190. MOVED: cheaper catch can/ valve cover breather setup?
  191. gas torch wedling miled steel?
  192. 76mm Single Turbo Chevelle, Got some lumpidy now!
  193. oil feed fitting
  194. Bending vids
  195. MOVED: hf adapter plate
  196. Smiley Tig (where to get)
  197. Tig welding. WTF is going wrong?
  198. my first collector
  199. welders advice
  200. DP question.
  201. 50 buck paint job (questions)
  202. Muffler bypass w/valve
  203. Some sweet bmw fab work
  204. are black steel weld els the same as mild steel
  205. what i've been up to, not car stuff.
  206. Band Saw from SEARS
  207. MOVED: Where to get the allen head bolts for hf/adapter plate setups?
  208. Need T-bolt clamps? Found something you guys might like...
  209. has anyone used a mig on SS
  210. how to weld internal w/g port
  211. MOVED: Duramax swap or charged BB
  212. MOVED: anybody in the NW want to help build me a turbo manifold?
  213. Sheet metal intake manifold, what thickness material you nogs use?
  214. Anyone build their own Intake Manifold?
  215. pipe bender plans on ebay.... anyone got them?
  216. 2-1 Exhaust on a Honda VT250
  217. HF/STD/CX manifolds
  218. MOVED: prelude --> crx spindle swap
  219. smiley setups
  220. 2 quick MIG questions (noob)
  221. Not FI but thought you might like my bike buildup...NEW RIDING VID
  222. Another German project...996TT/GT2 Upgrade ..
  223. Bend Tech Pro
  224. new exhaust setup! need some input
  225. MOVED: Where to get a t3 to t4 adaptor
  226. ---- wont fit...
  227. Made a manifold. Blah Blah Blah
  228. stealthmodes oil line kit
  229. VW 24v Intake manifold fab
  230. Who can talk the most trash.
  231. tube size reducer. 2.5" to 1.5"
  232. Will it crack?
  233. 01 cobra turbo.
  234. Hunting the illusive SMILEY
  235. New HMT manifold
  236. Pie cut DP Fab
  237. intake manifold design
  238. Electrode, Filler & Gas Selections
  239. MOVED: Need someone who know this ----
  240. MOVED: workshop/storae
  241. is there any begginer welding classes
  242. b series motor mounts
  243. downpipe and charge pipes
  244. my first attempt at a collector...
  245. New Exhaust for my Civic
  246. d+14b+log+3"dp=oldschool redone
  247. How are the harbor freight flux welders?
  248. adapter plates new guy?
  249. having trouble cleaning aluminum
  250. Smiley Power