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  1. ssauto ---- bracing?
  2. some decent stuff
  3. video of a flying compressed air bottle
  4. is this galv pipe
  5. Anyone here MIG Aluminum?
  6. EVO 16G twin scroll inlet flange source?
  7. GSR/Ek dash into an EG body. the wiring and cutting ha..cutting is fabrication?
  8. Exhaust port spacing question (fabricating manifold)
  9. what thickness in inches is sch 10
  10. Noobs Tig welding guide, this should be all the info you need to get started.
  11. Are these welds worth $120?
  12. top mount manifold
  13. Homemade vaporizor?
  14. anywhere in minneapolis area i can get a flange cut
  15. AC buzzbox TIG conversion?
  16. Got My Smiley Tig- What Do I Need To Know? Tips? Tanks? Teach Me To TIG
  17. Interesting 110v + 110v + 220v?
  18. RELIABILITY; Smiley Tig. Does The Tig Torch Or Plasma Torch have more issues?
  19. washington (puget sound area) welders
  20. EDIT: Scored a Smiley Tig/Arc on Egay, think its a good deal? PIC w/link.
  21. How can i tell if exhaust pipe is stainless?
  22. Pre-runner bumper for my blazer
  23. i need one of these
  24. miata flange
  25. Bringing it home, HMT style!
  26. D16s on going amature chicks post **updated 12/27** tons of picts!!
  27. Engloid (Jon)
  28. just got my Hf tig AND IT JUMPED the electricity at my house :S
  29. welder in the norheast indiana or southern michigan area
  30. some cool recent fab work
  31. Ask BigWheeze (CLOSED)
  32. Dura Fix
  33. Started on some headers
  34. new manifold in the works
  35. 90amp welder capable of making manifolds?
  36. Buying a top mount need some help
  37. MIG welding stainless steel. ???
  38. battery boxes
  39. Some Fab pictures
  40. my gas razor scooter with pics
  41. some things i made cause im bored.
  42. MOVED: How to make a poll....
  43. miata roll bar
  44. welding stainless with fluxcore...
  45. What Welder?
  46. DIY - Make Your Own Tools. Wheel Bearing Remove/Install *DESIGNED*
  47. wire feed welder for charge pipes help
  48. can i use later civic i/c piping
  49. What flange does a TE04H use
  50. Welding mild steel to cast
  51. What collectors are you using?
  52. What do you guys think of this collector I won on ebay.
  53. Wastegate questions
  54. Head flange warpped??????
  55. another manifold question
  56. X-mas is coming and need some suggestions on a welder..UPDATE!!
  57. Who wants to help a guy out? Need a little something...
  58. Flex piping
  59. 6-1 collectors?
  60. cheap head studs
  61. exhaust pipe.
  62. Best way to make a Jig to cut collector pipes?
  63. ---- hmt search
  64. Am I forgetting anything
  65. turbo manifold Question?
  66. interesting style of topmount
  68. need bends
  69. welding
  70. lift arc whoes... can anyone lend a hand teaching me to tig??
  71. Roll cage 1991 civic hatch
  73. Welder Purchase - Start My Fun, Start My Career - Need some help
  74. Chainsaw engine / Projects *PICS ADDED*
  75. what kind of piping for manifolds and where to get
  76. few questions-
  77. Another Rate My welds thread...
  78. Oxy/Acetelyn Welding??
  79. B18 inlet flange?
  80. Resource for 4" and 3" SS Bends
  81. When fabrication is too hard: destruction
  82. Tell me what i need (besides a rope)
  84. Flux core ----> Tig in one step?
  85. So you want to be a welder?
  87. Anyone ever built a muffler?
  88. Need a Cheap DownPipe
  89. JB Weld
  90. arp studs
  91. Weld el on downpipe too???
  92. heading to Abilene,, TX...what to do?
  93. CRX SiR frontend conversion q's
  94. need help
  95. Crashed my EF hatch... Wondering about DIY repair?
  96. Possibe cheap source for weld EL's
  97. 3in Exhaust
  98. How to build a top mount manifold with minimal warpage
  99. Painting welding helmet
  100. my project
  101. Check out this manifold I built! RB26 Stye baby ;) hell no 56k
  102. dumb questions for to order pipe to McMaster.com
  103. arp nut
  104. i need somone to let meknow this stuff. mani fabbing
  105. new welder...help me set up
  106. Quick Dump tube question
  107. my setup
  108. smoothing manifold internals
  109. New manifold, DONE WITH PICS
  110. Top Mount Manifold AKA the SINKTRAP
  111. anybody on here tried fabbing their own crx crossmember??????
  112. exhaust...
  113. My new setup - top mount t3/t04e with pics in a D16
  114. Custome je pistons with ls wrist pins
  115. New Intake (with whitey bends!)
  116. where to buy smiley tig?
  117. New toy!
  118. SMILEY aka Mitec 120 TIG results
  119. anealing your manifold
  120. Official JG-Fab.com s2k Race car build post updated weekly
  121. Traction bars I made.. well sorta. Oh and misc pics at LSD Mikes
  122. are those pipe good for to make a mani?
  123. Custom turbo kit for a 04 grand prix gtp
  124. any body know where can i buy 3" exhaust flanges?
  125. bent traction bar and the new replacement
  126. is this any good?
  127. Some of my Fab work at RSI
  128. Gauges in place of my a/c , watcha think?
  129. Just got done with my welding final...
  130. I weld like a 6th grader. Whats going on here?
  131. Looking for a f22b1 mani
  132. making a mig welder?
  133. need an adapter plat for my turbo
  134. change'n from a t3 too t4
  135. looking to buy a tig for home finally
  136. Sand Rail/ Dune Buggy
  137. Manifold for the black sheep honda D17
  138. sneak peak, turbo lt1 swapped s10. UPDATED MORE PICS. SHITTY VIDS!
  139. First time turbo setup D16z6
  140. Custom Intake Manifold...
  141. Bandsaw cutting question
  142. turbo manifold ?
  143. Noob fabricating log manifold
  144. Turboback under the gas tank?
  145. how useful is an arc welder?
  146. welding aluminum?
  147. Mitec 200S Tig question...wiring the plug
  148. yet another manifold...UPDATE MORE PICS
  149. Yes i am Stupid but how do i setup my Smiley Tig
  150. Sketch up. similar to auto cad. free
  151. Manifold I finished up tonight
  152. another rate my welds post
  153. 96 civic exhaust, coupe and sedan the same?
  154. what welder needed to fabricate a turbo manifold
  155. Tunertoys DIY manifold.
  156. intake manifold design
  157. Wings
  158. Some recent fab (and huge turbo pics)
  159. top mount fab.
  160. Smiley hookup to Argon - how?
  161. Looking for rounded end tank caps for intake manifold.
  162. Amp control pedal for smiley TIG
  163. huge tits and a smiley tig
  164. D series ram-horn a/c friendly (hp-style)
  165. manifold questions
  166. Which Simley to get 30a or 40a
  167. Could somone make this for me... but nicer. (Toyota 3E manifold)
  168. Oil Pump Design for my Turbo Banshee
  169. Somewhat homemade sway bar
  170. james' turbo s2k, hey its got fab work in it right ;)
  171. trying to make a turbo manifold....??
  172. Recirc dump and mani pics.
  173. the summers renovations *no 56k*
  174. need a custom ramhorn h22 manifold.
  175. ACE Stainless
  176. how to build a 4-1 collector(hp-style)
  177. B series top mount.
  178. thermal arc 85amp tig...
  179. size piping for manifold?
  180. How to Weld?
  181. Aluminum intercooler piping
  182. Stereo stands I used to make
  183. Close ups on Welds, Just for you Hotrex
  184. welding help in portland area
  185. new manifold
  186. What I have been working on lately :) Cage finished ;D
  187. Aluminum welding, CSaddict, Hotrex, give me some advice.
  188. Selling manifolds: Why it sucks.
  189. MOVED: Washeda the b00stedda
  190. Nothing fancy but cheap
  191. First Mani need some help
  192. How to build a leakdown tester:
  193. Push or pull a MIG weld, what do you do, and why?
  194. First welds with Smiley welder, give me some tips.
  195. fixing floor boards...getting better with fluxcore
  196. Lookin into getting a mig
  197. why are welds porous
  198. ebay manifold?
  199. My air compressor is too small, anyone tried hooking it up to a bigger tank?
  200. clamping a resonator?
  201. Harbor freight TIG thread (with pictars yay!)
  202. Powder
  203. Welding on a std. manifold?...
  204. Smiley Tig is Acting Up !
  205. best hotrex welds to date! welds= SEX , haters blow dick
  206. Looking for someone in VA to help me out
  207. Just some Tig questions
  208. Rate my welds - finally got the other 3 pics online...
  209. Who's left? Fabricators for hire?
  210. Made my life easier today
  211. My 1st ramhorn type manifold......
  212. Where to buy Welding & Fabrication Tools & Supplies * All Fabricators please rea
  213. ---- Waldo, Where's my manifold? (CC-Fab aka hotrex)
  214. put a gas lense on my torch finally. pics
  215. ---- I did this weekend... 56k...light a cigarette..
  216. Rate mah welds! Oh and Hi I'm newish here.
  217. windage tray
  218. What do you think about my log manifold?
  219. ghetto homo dsm air/water intercooler *done with pics
  220. Fiberglass techno folks ?'s
  221. Check out my absolutley FREE work bench
  222. cutting up adapter plates etc
  223. Posted my block today...
  224. Traction Bars
  225. my cars.
  226. Hayabusa mufflers on a FC Rx7
  227. Choose your boost .............. =D
  228. cutting out wholes
  229. To build or not to build
  230. to jeff or someone....itb questions
  231. uses for fluxcore welding?
  232. B-Series Elephant Mani (Now with Dyno, but for the D-Series)
  233. Rate my custom resistor box (at least its fabrication related)
  234. back purging???
  235. header wraps suck
  236. Noob Welding Stainless to Mild?
  237. i might buy this
  238. Smiley meets whitney
  239. Can someone post up pics of their smiley tools welder setup?
  240. Homemade Turbo
  241. What gauge wire for the plug on the smiley/mitech MTC120?
  242. material for exhaust valves
  243. Home made paint job finally done! Way more work than I expected.
  244. homemade head bolts
  245. my Garage being built that i may live in
  246. Can you smell what JDM's cook'n!?
  247. Scrap metal prices
  248. My custom Recaro Sliders/Brackets
  249. which flange is this??
  250. CBR1100 motor into a EF chassis?