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  1. My Jeep AW4 shifter Update,Done and mounted! 2/7/09
  2. My quick spool valve project (pics)-Pretty much done
  3. Eville140 Does awsome work
  4. anybody have a slip roll?
  5. pie cut manifold
  6. batheroom welding setup
  7. Backdoor the -----
  8. converting my jeep to manual
  9. MOVED: started the ball rolling on my turbo IH build (now with log manifold)
  10. anyone ever made a homemade racing seat
  11. welding rebar for a steering wheel
  12. welder question...(sorry so many questions)
  13. thin hubcentric rings on a lathe day before event
  14. Removing rubber
  15. noise question
  16. Home depot Sinklog mani
  17. My Epic Welding Failure(updated 08/02)
  18. Looking for some feedback
  19. welding SS to aluminized steel
  20. Diy Bending...
  21. using 308 filler to weld 304 to 316
  22. My first ram horn
  23. Aluminum Coolent Overflow Tank!!! Let me know what you guys think???
  24. HMT Grill
  25. Producer gas, bitches!
  26. welding
  27. Welder not welding. Help!
  28. Home made plasma cutter
  29. My intake manifold fab.
  30. NEW Version of a Shroud and Radiator Fabbed Up!!!!
  31. dc2 4 into 1 header
  32. 16 gauge manifold pics
  33. just picked up welding... critique me you fucks
  34. custom water cooled torch?
  35. Homemade Merge collector 16g
  36. Spoolin performance welding update
  37. homemade hot tank
  38. HMT Blast Cabinet
  39. would this contaminate my welds?
  40. New set of headers for my maxima nothing to special.
  41. Jeep YJ 4.0 Turbo-Dyno video added
  42. just got done with a new log
  43. Anybody try casting aluminum parts?
  44. having bitch of a time fitting collector parts
  45. MIG welding 304 sch. 10, is "Stargon" OK to use?
  46. homemade widebody kit
  47. made a little stand/cradle for my car.
  48. Front bumper paint
  49. o2 sensor bungs?
  50. cheap bandsaws?
  51. How to brace a Top mount Manifold on a B series
  52. Most complex thing I have ever fabricated by hand!!!!!56k NoNo
  53. Turbo Honda BAR STOOL? WAT?
  54. Welding a gas tank
  55. Upstate Parts CNC Cutting
  56. Spoolin quick4-AC D-series manifold
  58. colector pieces
  59. MOVED: Can someone make me this manifold??
  60. welding videos at tonywelding.com
  61. Tool to drill hole in studs for castle nuts
  62. Stealthmodes Random Fabricator/Engineering Challenge
  63. first home made intake manifold...WUT
  64. Stainless cutting saw blade
  65. amazing work - prob a repost
  66. homemade thingy for turbo oil feed
  67. Some of my tig welding
  68. i plan on getting paid for this setup once it is done BIG BLOCK CHEVY TT inside!
  69. material, design, welding -need alot of help
  70. Check out these welds! All Aluminum Insided
  71. MOVED: what happened to those homemade wb's
  72. divided exhaust housing flapper valve.. quick spool down low, big power up top?
  73. hood clearance and ramhorns
  74. Breather box I made in responce to my semi-failed catch cans!!!
  75. Stainless tube sections. Where to find this style?
  76. V6 dakota turbo header
  77. Attempt at fiberglass work
  78. cheap sheet 4130?
  79. Best way to make motor mounts.
  80. S2000 turbo kit
  81. Is anyone building turbo headers from 16ga 304?
  82. Project Turbo 6 cylinder Volvo Wagon
  83. Homemade Electric Jack on the cheap
  84. Sweet Fartcan
  85. TB parts?
  86. noob needs a welder
  87. New pipe fittings for manifolds
  88. o2 bung.. what size hole saw bit?
  89. Project adopt-a-header
  90. MOVED: Welder in Charlotte,North Carolina
  91. My first collector
  92. some recent toyota fab
  93. thermal arc 185
  94. Something Different
  95. New Welding Table
  96. HomeMade Pergola
  97. Ebay seat Install
  98. Made a couple aluminum catch cans at work!!! -8 AN's and ErThang!
  99. Any one have collector patterns?
  100. MOVED: Crazy assed idea: Full Time Active AWD
  101. MOVED: Santa came early: Lysholm Screw Supercharger
  102. Fastest e-cutout - opens faster than you can say OBAMA! (with VIDEOS)
  103. diy polycarbonate/plexiglass forming
  104. Smiley info
  105. jig plate
  106. 6-in 1 collector?
  107. Welding onto turbo exhaust housing.
  108. any way to straighten mild steel log manifold
  109. help conveting welder to tig
  110. my first mig welded manifold
  111. Made a catch can
  112. Mild weld els?
  113. Howto calculate an Intake Mani
  114. What welding helmet?
  115. welder acts like it keeps running out of gas
  116. Powcon tig/stick machine for $200 ends in 30 mins
  117. aluminum mandrel bends at velocityair
  118. Welding cast steel?
  119. hmt style gasket how to?
  120. need infor for an exhuast flange for saab
  121. Can you eyeball it???
  122. question abut heim joints
  123. using an arc welder for tig
  124. MOVED: My NEW progect '94 Integra Type-R style
  125. Cherokee budget turbo build thread DONE! Vid too!
  126. 4" 304 SS mandrel bends
  127. Pipe work I did over the Summer
  128. Any body make 3 cylinder stamped collectors?
  129. where to get mild steel log manifold pipes?
  130. does this welder seem ok....
  131. TIG welding
  132. The $40 AC Compatible Log Manifold
  133. little body work wanted to share
  134. Need 321 SS bends. Best pricing.
  135. AN fitting help
  136. my recent project...enjoy
  137. 240 + 2JZ + BIG TURBO = serious car
  138. driver side EK mount keeps breaking.. tried welding :(
  139. Yay or nay? (welder)
  140. turbo flange crumbled??
  141. Little Engine Stand I Built
  142. My T3/T4 uppipe build...
  143. MOVED: tegy shocks to sol
  144. need idea for leaking BOV
  145. FLux
  146. Just owned my inner tie rod.
  147. jus fabbed 3 inch down pipe m43 garret 57 trim
  148. where to buy stock LS integra front cat flange
  149. Built Another Manifold
  150. what stainless Rods you using guys?
  151. MOVED: simple dump tube needed.. $$
  152. easiest way to make a hmt gixxer kart ?
  153. look at this ----!
  154. MOVED: powdercoating
  155. MOVED: Boats are cool
  156. Laptop holder
  157. Custom CNC'd a turbo oil drain adapter! Very cool.
  158. VIDEO- Cutting collector piece with a chop saw
  159. Motor Mount Fab
  160. should I grind my wastegate down or buy an elbow?
  161. Stick Welding (SMAW) A Butt Weld Manifold
  162. 1/2in heim, 12mm bolt, home made traction bar... how to get rid of play?
  163. Twincharged Civic Hatchback
  164. What type of metal is this?
  165. my first rotary
  166. A little CRX fluxcore floorboard repair action.
  167. messed up del sol exhaust
  168. 3inch exhaust tubing??
  169. tap and die (threading)
  170. prepping for oxy acetylene welding
  171. 35mm wastegate, no valve seat (fire ring), need ideas
  172. traction bar radius rod length question (with finished pics)
  173. possible repost, shift extender
  174. what smileys u guys got
  175. My rear XJ bumper.
  176. My new project. Scale M1A2 Abrams Tank
  177. what bends/dimensions are needed for downpipe to clear A/C?
  178. Check how I get ganstsa!!!! JB weld inside
  179. Made a custom aluminum vacuum manifold today!
  180. anybody done like a sidewinder turbo manifold for a ef
  181. Anyone still doing HF manifold adapter plates?
  182. Haw do I make a OIL BREATHER CATCH CAN....any tips please
  183. A book review...
  184. Welding to a cast iron manifold, and some stainless
  185. Evo intercooler, and stainless charge piping is done.
  186. use t25 exh. housing to fab d/p for 16g?
  187. MOVED: My on going turbo gsr project
  188. HF bandsaw
  189. HMT exhaust repair, boogercore content
  190. My useless opinion on CDM auto-darkening helmet protection.
  191. Homemade engine hoist
  192. Civic FN2 TYpe-R NA exhaust system!
  193. Power Wagon Rebuild (Update: 11/5/08)
  194. When do you take your tanks in?
  195. i need your help
  196. MOVED: suspension question
  197. think im done with my car, but not with hondas.... TONS of pics
  198. Table for my new place..
  199. ghettofabulous air duct
  200. noob welding helmet-Critque my welds!
  201. Exhaust piping performance loss w/ standard bends?
  202. supra manifold work
  203. 4.0L V8 MKIII supra aiming for 1000whp
  204. Audi R8 NA Exhaust
  205. Made a winch bumper.
  206. how to set up a manifold jigs im trying to make a v 6 manifold
  207. front bumper
  208. Lincoln Weld-Pak 100 (115 V) ???
  209. Bov flanges stainless?
  210. Reliability of a Sinktrap/Elephant manifold ?
  211. some more solidedge performance fun.
  212. making a 220v on the cheap
  213. turbo fox body mustang
  214. I need to make more of these.
  215. volvo turbo manifold
  216. My First Turbo Manifold
  217. Home MadeTraction Bar
  219. JD2 model 3 twists a bit when bending.
  220. what kind pipe to use for manifold extension
  221. Let the bird ---- weld jokes begin!
  222. Gonna Make A Sinktrap mani need info
  223. what gauge sheet metal?
  224. Intake manifold parts
  225. 3" downpipe and side dupm exhaust for my daytona.
  226. My welds suck donky nuts. Advice please
  227. Anyone Building from 321?
  228. need a custom turbo
  229. Intake Manifold design
  230. elephant maniolfd w/ turbo exhaust facing down
  231. Twin Supercharged Miata Build (56K Beware)
  232. Made a rat rod bike.
  233. 3" Smoker Exhaust!!!
  234. best epoxy choice
  235. cant find a flange
  236. DIY turbo timer
  237. collectors, lets see yours,ect
  238. Bad Argon? Fixed and it is bad.
  239. welding cast iron
  240. b in ek custom manifold to retain ALLLLL!! accesories
  241. So I made a Vac manifold....
  242. Crx hf / civic std. manifold same bolt pattern?
  243. who says you can't have an h22 top mount and a/c?
  244. Options to fix my radiator
  245. where do i can get this kinda exhaust flange?
  246. Copper Gaskets... good, bad or uggin fugly
  247. Just got a cnc router, what should I make? Prize for best idea
  248. KLG Stainless?
  249. Any place to get 3" donut flanges?
  250. how do you mark your work? cool tags inside