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  1. Manifold For Supercharged Car
  2. new top mount manifold
  3. What do you guys think of my oil pan tap?
  4. To Tee or not to Tee?
  5. PORSCHE custom turbo conversion pics
  6. welding bov to ebay cai
  7. MOVED: someone make me some itb's
  8. Homemade TIG Welder?
  9. Sharing is caring
  10. Welding Questions
  11. DSM intrclr. end tank modification
  12. [email protected][email protected][email protected]! and Welding safety
  13. DCEN or DCEP with Smiley TIG??
  14. which welding machine to get?
  15. some head welding
  16. EG radiator support
  17. do 110V welders suck?
  18. general welding/fabrication question
  19. cheap flanges
  20. not sure if this is real or not, you decide
  21. Harbor Freight TIG
  22. Any Fabbers around Phila, PA?
  23. made my manifold yesterday - $0 and kinda shitty
  24. JDM 3 way!!
  25. Made the change to S/S manifold
  26. log manifold needed
  27. flanges, intake and exhaust for 4g63 turbo motors
  28. uh oh, hotrex aND mahcivic gettin busy. "the party girl" FINISHED!! UPDATE
  29. roll cage
  30. Miller or Lincoln?
  31. Arc Welding aluminum
  32. finally built my own exhaust
  33. hotrex progress on the smiley unit. pic
  34. Where do you buy your bends for manifolds?
  35. New Pipe welding pics
  36. what welder
  37. If you like all the color on stainless welds...
  38. wasabi
  39. building a gargage
  40. MIG Aluminum
  41. Making Logs
  42. Now this is cool
  43. what ya'll think of this?
  44. Integra caliper swap for 88-91 civics...HMT style
  45. HMT surge tank
  46. HMT Vice stand
  47. Need opinions on problem. Had a manifold cracked. **UPDATE NEW MANI PICS ADDED**
  48. .
  49. Grade my new welds please HUGE PICS 56K NO WAY
  50. bout to get a welder for fab
  51. Turbo flange CAD library?
  52. a cast iron adaptor plate??
  53. can i weld the turbo to the manifold
  54. Got my make on.
  55. reversing the polarity
  56. IHI RHB5 D16 cheap AC Setup (56k, go stand in the return line at walmart)
  57. Aluminum welding
  58. will a 88civic hb r/bumper fit on a crx
  60. cast iron to steel?
  61. keeping the bullshit out of this section.
  62. easy mig
  63. i need a welder which one at harbor frieght
  64. Choice of materials for exhaust manifold.
  65. Boost Factory welding class?
  66. Welding machines...
  67. This forum has gone downhill...
  68. pics for j davis, late night xmas
  69. How To: Get Laid Using Your Fabrication/Forging Skills
  70. I used to be an idiot, now I'm just a fucktard
  71. is this pipe bender any good?
  72. looking for a rhd crx
  73. woot finally hooking up my exhaust
  74. tips on a welder.
  75. stumbled across vendor where smiley tools buys his welders.
  76. rhd conversion is underway (run 56k, run!
  77. Place to buy or sell machine tools $$$$$
  78. For all the noob welders...
  79. Intake manifold plenum size
  80. first manifolds with the smiley tig....
  81. So i machined a catch can today..
  82. welder for log mani
  83. looking to buy a decent mig. any advice?
  84. pissed a the woman, so i pulled an all niter. pics*
  85. welder to make mounts? is a 110 good enough?
  86. how thick should the piping be for a turbo manifold??
  87. lookie what i took from Beau/BLACKSI's house ;)
  88. Welder Question
  89. homemade swaybar?
  90. banned again, what idid when i was on "vacation"
  91. Chop saw or Band saw?
  92. a few cage improvements
  93. Anybody stitch welded their car?
  94. welding fire wall
  95. Smiley Tools Welder.............What Amperage/Model Do You Own??
  96. would this pipe be good for a exhaust manifold?
  97. first mani built by the smiley unit. and he hmt fab garage
  98. Buzzbox + scrapyard = motorcycle
  100. my welding sucks please help !!!!!
  101. Welding books
  102. new welding toys.
  103. HMT workbench hotrex and 98redcavz24 style.
  104. noobie to welding. looking for answers to questions
  105. Wish I went to this high school
  106. haynes welding manual. updated with dl link thanks to shifter!
  107. New to TIG.. Rate my welds.
  108. Identify this middle-eastern chik update
  109. help wiring welder
  110. What welder to get???
  111. Auto-Dimming Welding Helmet
  112. smiley tools tig/plasma combo is in effect
  113. Ball Bearing Shifter
  114. EF/CRX control arm mounts.
  115. 3 inch Exhaust.
  116. Snap-On Mig Welder, good deal?
  117. Mani Fresh?
  118. Custom dual fuel rail neon intake
  119. welding fabrication question?
  120. Just passed my bend test for welding class no.1
  121. some new toys for weirRacing
  122. hmm question
  123. Finished up my roll cage :)
  124. DIY traction control
  125. So I bought a harbor freight tig welder (pics inside)
  126. ef traction bars?
  127. Downpipe
  128. My New/First Welder..
  129. McMaster steel butt weld parts are green
  130. Custom intercooler pipes and intercooler PICS
  131. DIY strut bar
  132. mani fab question...
  133. some recent beads i laid....
  134. anybody everyused this to bend 2.5 inch ss
  135. will 3" stainless from eg hatch fit my ef hatch?
  136. 2dr lip on a 4dr?
  137. Beading Aluminum?
  138. How much for gas?
  139. hmt boost controller
  140. alumaloy
  141. o2 bung size?
  142. crhome molly tubing
  143. Boosting in 5th gear/now with pr0N
  144. new down pipe (now with housing pics)
  145. racintweeks manifold...THE BALLOON KNOT ye who had faith....bitches
  146. Welder Stopped Working. WTF Happenned
  147. Silicone reducers on the cheap
  148. Homemade DIY Turbo Fitting
  149. 1/4 patch job
  150. Best All-In-One gas/wire combo for MIG?
  151. I need a welder to make log manifolds in the 300$ range!
  152. Made a turbo header today :)
  153. More of my new setup
  154. hf external wastegate
  155. How the heck do you make collectors?
  156. 3" exhaust question
  157. A few things I made last couple weeks
  158. My sentra turbo project (UPDATED)
  159. Chinese TIG in action
  160. rx-7 TT turbos??
  161. back purging
  162. request
  163. lower control arm bushings
  164. Manifolds I made
  165. more welding pics....
  166. Boredom + no money = ?
  167. My miller keeps crowsnesting ..
  168. little bored at work today.. bike mod
  169. also some stuff i mae this week. including finished hmt bar and plate cooler
  170. Got some stuff made this week.
  171. hmt bar and plate intercooler hotrex style
  172. one piece front end?
  173. Here goes my Solo Intercooler Install Sunday Afternoon... (PICS)
  174. Where to buy steel to weld my own manifold?
  175. Down pipe fab?
  176. Charge piping
  177. I got my new toy!
  178. Where do I get these?
  179. Anybody ever used these cheap TIGS? Reviews?
  180. which welder
  181. Mcmaster bends?
  182. Harbor Freight Flux-core welder question
  183. Having trouble viewing images?
  184. first ramhorn mani
  185. diy ramhorn i made a for a local. dam strike tigs... tell me what you think
  186. Traction Bars, By the End of the Week *With EG and Current Picks*
  187. Newer traction bar design.
  188. favorite fabrication tool
  189. solid suspension
  190. couple lizog manis i made yesterday.
  191. Johnny, this one's for you
  192. Finished homemade piping setup.
  193. new setup, lots of making stuff, more to be added soon
  194. New Forum
  195. hmt dsm bov flange
  196. This sub forum a good idea?
  197. update on my a/c madness mani...... pics**** mad jdm ricer look
  198. Made a center console/my car [PICS! YO]
  199. my custom intake manifold is FINISHED :)
  200. Latest Fiberglass Peice - Steering Column Gauge Pod
  201. Downpipe completed *pics*
  202. Finished Manifold 2000th post (( PICS))
  203. HMT= Home Made Traction bars (CSaddict style)Now with test drive results!
  204. How to Make a Collector=PICS+random pics