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  1. Homemade 3" exhaust, sleeper style.
  2. Flux Core Mild steel wire on stainless?
  3. 2x 2" sch 10 Pipes into T4 Flange
  4. my RWD CRX project
  5. Wideband gauge for the cheap bastard in all of us
  6. So I made an Exhaust system
  7. noobie welder
  8. MOVED: hhmm were to put a side mount
  9. MOVED: good enough cooling lines...?
  10. MOVED: Welder/fabricator wanted Lynnwood washington
  11. My A/C compatible mani and DP for my daily.
  12. Website that sells Manifold plenums?
  13. inlinepro manifold with 2.5" dp and open dump
  14. eg radiator in crx
  15. DIY Exhaust flanges?
  16. dirty cheap log manifold
  17. Tube Coping Calculator
  19. Axel-back exhaust I made
  20. HF MANI DSM T25
  21. China FTW.
  22. different log collector, should I, or should I just go about doing it normally?
  23. MOVED: custom intake for 93' volvo 850?
  24. My DIY log
  25. Made some suspension limiters
  26. MOVED: a/f fuel gauge not working!?
  27. my new strut bar(added rear lower tie bar)
  28. how to copy and improve the D-series Greddy turbo kit
  29. rhb5 turbo down pipe
  30. How to: Bore your intake manifold
  31. Downpipe Thickness?
  32. Exhaust I made for a friends turbo civic.
  33. Delsol radiator bracket
  34. please help!!! manifold question
  35. MOVED: Vacuum Accumulator?
  36. just a few things i've been working on
  37. Crappy ass exhaust port configuration.
  38. MOVED: RTV silicone kills O2 sensor - fact or urban legend
  39. traction bar questions
  40. charge piping: this ---- is starting to get to be more and more a pita
  41. MOVED: Looking for a fabricator in WA!
  42. MOVED: Maximum Boost pdf
  43. Hobart plasma cutter an experince with them?
  44. First attempt at collector *update 8 OMGgaslense ftl?? 56k no
  45. video compilation of the buggy
  46. How to kill yourself after installing a radiator.
  47. A Ride in the Turbo Sandrail **Video**
  48. sandrail fabrication & shop tour ***56k warning 76 pictures!!***
  49. MOVED: Passes again
  50. Cheap Paint Job
  51. question
  52. Homemade A/C, requesting thinkers.
  53. just a intake
  54. Where to buy a 3" flex pipe ? (not ebay please)
  55. Kanaflex 300 EPDM
  56. Custom Motah Swap. 56K is gay, mmkay?
  57. MOVED: HF Manifold Gasket
  58. exhaust i was working on today
  59. JB weld on my intake?
  60. MOVED: Someone build me a Mani ?
  61. boosted sandrail on a budget
  62. MOVED: Something different!!
  63. jb weld
  64. clamp a whole exhuast together ?
  65. Rain=fun project
  66. My first downpipe!
  67. Hang on, I can do it so you can...
  68. New to the site and the search is not working... internal/external conversion?
  69. Back door intercooler
  70. let's see your bandsaw do this!
  71. good begginer setup ?
  72. Some Passes some tested <dead>
  73. Best filler rod for that aluminized steel crap.
  74. Formula for making precise PIE CUT BENDS............!!!!
  75. Arc Weld 304 SS?
  76. cage 50 % done woot paint next
  77. Newb welding tank question
  78. Adapter plate I made
  79. lincoln sp175 or mig 180t,c ?
  80. air tool noob. What bits do I need for grinding?
  81. dumptubes: re-routing vs. open
  82. Fabrication AND PORN????????
  83. Generator to power tig?
  84. sick welding art
  85. How to make HMT traction bars.
  86. Forum title?
  87. BMW manifold #2 this turbo is stupid big
  88. good place to get exhaust made in the minneapolis/ north subrubs area?
  89. my first welding on a turbine housing
  90. Cause-Fabrication. EFFECT- going to the E.R.
  91. Twin Turbo B16 *pics inside*
  92. where to buy "smiley tools" replacement parts
  93. fibre glass front end
  94. Fins on Underside of Oil Pan
  95. JG-Fab customer review.
  96. Any experience with aluminum brazing rod?
  97. stripped oil pan
  98. some updated shop pics and some industrial projects
  99. Bimmer Race Car
  100. Its raining, and i got bord
  101. Bandsaw speed
  102. For Sale Vortech 12:1 FMU
  103. EF9 front end on a EF sedan?!?!
  104. Welding a crash mount to CRX traction bars
  105. SRT-4 Intercooler Install in to EG/EJ How to. Enjoy.
  106. pretty good
  107. Is it still Monday, manifold mess up.
  108. 4wd crx???
  109. FYI: McKMaster carry V-band clamps
  110. Craftsman MIG welder any good?
  111. Where to find LONG THROTTLE CABLES
  112. welding truck evolution
  113. fook isnt the only one with a jeep
  114. my first N/A header... something a bit different.
  116. anyone made his own tubing joint jigger?
  117. anyone got a printable draw\sketch of a standard 38 mm wg?
  118. a lil project this week...
  119. 4age 20v turbo intake plenum...
  120. will this work??
  121. Crazy Badass Ride
  122. DIY LOG.....what ---- does I needs?
  123. This is a funny tool
  124. HF action...nuff said.
  125. My newest weld pics
  126. New here.
  127. Water Lines?!?!?WTf?!?11
  128. i was really really bored at work....
  129. looking for some examples
  130. welding cast to steel
  131. Something different: P/S rack to manual steering rack bushing
  132. I was bored today....
  133. boredom, bits of steel, and fluxcore madness result in front page madness
  134. need a merge collector asap....
  135. How to backpurge when tig welding ss
  136. Budget big brake how to
  137. Anyone have some tips for welding cast iron?
  138. brazing together an HMT style intercooler?
  139. comments on hm blockguard
  140. Looking for a downpipe for my IHI RHB5 turbo...Please read and help!!!
  141. Home Made Exhaust and Porn!!!(Update Video)
  142. some one make me a set of headers !!
  143. hey what up
  144. Recent pita fab job
  145. alternative location for wg
  146. Milling some rods so they fit STI pistons.
  147. Help with intercooler
  148. SmileyTools Argon regulator
  149. miging stainless
  150. new plenum design check it out
  151. new header for the 22r... and a downside to welding in flannel
  152. Turbo Header coating options
  153. Mig Weld Madness
  154. cage material?
  155. Collector link?
  156. Tig Torch recomendation
  157. A bit of fun with my new legos
  158. Glavanized elbows?
  159. moving internal wastegate
  160. fmic
  161. Welding cast steel
  162. Good site for background pics
  163. Porn and Turbos?
  164. making a fuel cell?
  165. Drags open March 2nd and 3rd, Portland!
  166. Well, I finally started my shop.
  167. Welder help please
  168. Just a couple of pics of a ramhorn
  169. Rear Bumper Done (pics at bottom + bonus)
  170. Installed my custom front long arm suspension (pics)
  171. Every one loves log ;)
  172. gas valve on tig torch..
  173. my first BMW manifold
  174. I need some idea's for a new EF front crossmember
  175. Which TIG to buy?
  176. Simulation tig. My first Arc welds.
  177. Who can make this?
  178. SMAW/Stick welding info needed
  179. check out this turbo setup.
  180. My First Question
  181. 230 single phase
  182. Cam gears
  183. Welding helmet upgrade.
  184. home made vaccum manifold
  185. bumper fab, off at the powdercoaters now
  186. Another Smiley Question!
  187. New here.. Here's some of my stuff!
  188. Adding external gate to the Squarefold
  189. My contribution (NSFW)
  190. Log manifold fab
  191. My first h22 log setup :)
  192. T3 Discharge Flange
  193. Cut off plastic end tanks and weld AL end tanks.
  194. Just recently finished my buddys Twin Turbo V6
  195. Fabricating your own exaust AFTER the down pipe...
  196. FAB-ulous (pics)
  197. wall thickness of manifold ??
  198. Recommend a GOOD chop saw
  199. quick shot of kit
  200. Anyone fabricate their own control arms?
  201. Possible to find U-bend in Canada?
  202. HEIM Joints - Building My Own Traction Bars? Best design? Best Price?
  203. how to fill a gap, hmt style
  204. Welding Shop @ School
  205. Found a pretty much FREE source for 8" stainless bar....
  206. possible to braze together a manifold?
  207. What 8 year old doesnt like to weld?
  208. HANG ME
  209. Hobart Handler 140, or Lincoln WP 135?
  210. chop saw or band saw?
  211. Where do you buy your Weld L's from?
  212. everyones manifold designs.....
  213. what do you guys think of this ramhorn
  214. My custom ECU/MSD mount...
  215. tri-y?
  216. Signed Up For Welding Classes....I Be Fabbin'
  217. Header/turbo flanges?! Where to buy?
  218. started makin my new gauge pod
  219. Got my Chinese Tig/Plasma 56k
  220. Mini Ram e-mannys ?? pics
  221. Which mani for goal of 350HP T3/T4 setup.
  222. Baby Ram Manifold We made.
  223. what can join brass and aluminum(atleast thats what i think it is) together?
  224. Great General Welder? LINCOLN ELETRIC MIG PAK 15 MIG-WELDER KIT K693 **GOOD?**
  225. Pre cut intake plenum
  226. were do i find 4 into 1 collector
  227. homemade Sportscar,with a turbo.
  228. My mad TyTe JDM Ford Escort header... Now with install pics!!
  229. the new bends on r-s
  230. sch10 Steel Welding?!?
  231. Where to get a Greddy 19T turbo downpipe flange?
  232. B18b ramhorn manifold
  233. CHEAP mandrel bends and pipe!
  234. Aluminum Welding
  235. oil pan return line
  236. RSX Action
  237. new gauge pod i made for my eg
  238. Chrysler Turbo Swingate, where to get one? Which exhaust flange?
  239. welding manifold on car
  240. Cheapest sch10 elbows you've seen?
  241. Mock before you fab
  242. heater box idea....?
  243. Dead blow hammers
  244. My "new" car
  245. Welding stainless
  246. modify a camshaft
  247. Ls ghetto topmount
  248. header
  249. Is this welder any good?
  250. Anyone do this....