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HMT - Tuner Directory (Uberdata, Crome, TurboEdit, others?)

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HMT - Tuner Directory (Uberdata, Crome, TurboEdit, others?)

Old 08-27-2005, 03:37 PM
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Default HMT - Tuner Directory (Uberdata, Crome, TurboEdit, others?)

This is going to be our HMT tuner directory. This isnt going to be like other tuner directories out there. This is going to be for people of our community who help and contribute to our community on the regular.

The disclaimer is that HMT has not researched the credibility or abilities of the tuners in this list, we only know that they want to help others tune and give back to the community that they have learned from and continue to support.

The other caveat of being a part of this list is that you SHARE your tunes with everyone here. I dont care if you post them on my public BIN Directory or attach them to a post. You also need to have one vouch that you are competant from someone on HMT. If you want to be added to the list, post the following information only:

Full Name
HMT Username
City, State
Way to contact you (email, AIM, phone, whatever)

What tools you have at your disposal, what Engine Management you use to tune with and why you want to be on this list.


The Mgmt...

The List
1) **** - Jason Roy
2) 93turbo16 - John Kerr
3) TurboEF9 - William Brown (AKA JParker)
4) Leed - Dave Lee
5) Tranceminister - Steve Moulton
6) Midnight Racer X - Antoine Griffin
7) Joseph Davis - S0uP3r T00n3r Extraordinaire
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Old 08-30-2005, 08:26 PM
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Default Re: HMT - Tuner Directory (Uberdata, Crome, TurboEdit, others?)

Jason Roy
Portland, Oregon
AIM - Boostjunkee
Email - ****@boostednw.com

P3 Dell Laptop, Zeitronix ZT-2 Wideband/Datalogger, Moates Ostrich, Willem Dual Power EEPROM Programmer, primarily a Crome tuner, but also work with Uberdata, and I'd like to start playing with TurboEdit.
I'd like to be on this list for two reasons. 1. To help HMT'ers. Tuning isn't for everyone, some people just need a hand. 2. Learning experience. You can only change your own car so much, its nice to have other machines to tune on, to learn different aspects of different setups. However I do run conservative tunes on other peoples cars, for liability reasons.
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Default Re: HMT - Tuner Directory (Uberdata, Crome, TurboEdit, others?)

John Kerr
Carlisle, Pa 17241, or Williamsport Pa 17701
[email protected] or AIM: uncgolf25

Dell laptop, various datalogging cables, ostrich, burn1, plx m300 wideband, dyno at disposal.

I work with uberdata mostly, crome if it is wanted, turboedit,BRE, DSM tuning as well. I can also tune AFCs, emanage and megasquirt.

I can also chip DSM ecus. The DSM ecus have to be manually edited, for the features, but I use evilscribe for fuel and timing maps.

I just like to help people out when they need it. I like tuning HMT setups, they are always unique and always have the most "love" put into them.

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Default Re: HMT - Tuner Directory (Uberdata, Crome, TurboEdit, others?)

William Brown
Kansas City, MO
Contact: Minh Motorsports - 816.836.2795

We'll install the kits for you, motorswaps, basemaps, street tunes.. whatever, doesn't matter.

Tools: Laptops, Widebands, Open Highway, Dynos... whatever I need.
Can Tune: Anything.. (TurboEDIT, Crome, BRE, AEM, ZControl, SAFC... anything)
Why I should be on the list: ...because I wanna be...
Vouch: ....hrm, I don't do Internet tuning, so I don't know who on here would vouch for me, but I can post my dynos if you want.

Originally Posted by tomcat
i vouch for turboef9. ill be coming by your shop to show u the hatch
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Old 08-31-2005, 03:09 AM
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Default Re: HMT - Tuner Directory (Uberdata, Crome, TurboEdit, others?)

Dave Lee
Bellingham, WA
HMT PM, PGMFI.org PM, Honda-Tech PM, or [email protected]
Very comfortable w/ all Honda ECU editors.
WB, laptop, emulator, chip burner, etc.

Why should I be on this list? This is my #1 hobby. I equally enjoy working with both NA and Turbo motors.
EFI University certified.
Vouches? Mr Frank lets me touch his cars.
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Default Re: HMT - Tuner Directory (Uberdata, Crome, TurboEdit, others?)

Steve Moulton
Millbury, MA.
Email: [email protected]
AOL IM: TMTuning Net

Comfortable with Uberdata, Crome, and Turboedit as well as Hondata and K-pro. Aside from tuning, Chipping and various other ecu work is also open to people, plus Dyno access is available.
Tools: Dell Inspiron 7000 laptop, PLX M300 wideband, Innovate Motorsports LM-1 wideband/dataloger, Intronix Eeprom emulator, Moates Burn1 programmer and my one of a kind Code puller (paper clip )
Why I'd like to be added to this list: I enjoy working with Honda's/Acura's and have done work for many HMT members before. The experience is something I am alway's looking to add to but the main reason I do this is because I enjoy it.
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Old 09-20-2005, 01:38 PM
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Default Re: HMT - Tuner Directory (Uberdata, Crome, TurboEdit, others?)

Full Name: Antoine Griffin
HMT Username: Midnite Racer X
City, State: Jacksonville, FL
AIM: TheMidniteReign
Email: [email protected]
PM me for my ph#

Toshiba Laptop, Willem Dual Power Burner, datalogging cables, Zeitronix ZT-2 wideband, Ostrich, and 2 dyno hook-ups.

I specialize in Uberdata/hondata/crome but have no problem getting into any other programs. I've been tuning for about a year now and have made a big name for myself in the accord/prelude community. I've got quite a couple of civics and integras under my belt. I've been flown a 1000 miles for my services at times and i take my tuning very seriously. My main goal is not money at all, its making a name for myself and getting the reputation i want. I aim to make your car as enjoyable and problem free as possible. Hell, this very week i will have tuned 3 cars in only 4 days! Tuning is fast becoming an art and like the other guys in this thread i believe i have a gift and would like to help others with it. If you would like to research me please visit the performance section at www.cb7tuner.com...i'm literally all over the place. I will also tell you EVERYTHING that i'm doing to the car and why. Its your car and i won't keep you in the dark about anything i modify.
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Default Re: HMT - Tuner Directory (Uberdata, Crome, TurboEdit, others?)

Joseph Davis
ashEVILle, NC
[email protected], 828 713-7771, PMs

I predominantly deal in OBD0/OBD1 Honduh stuffs. Have multiple laptops, emulators, widebands, and misc small interesting tidbits. Have limited availability, so I prefer vehicles to be left with me by appointment for 2-3 days. I prefer not to deal with sissy NA cars unless they have serious cubic dollars dropped on them, because slow cars don't need tuning.

BTW, I ------- suck.
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Default Re: HMT - Tuner Directory (Uberdata, Crome, TurboEdit, others?)

Scott Brooks
Atlanta, GA
[email protected], or pm here

I typically tune 2-6 cars/week, n/a or boosted...Honda/Acura only.

Dynojet inhouse dyno at Mainstream performance in Powder Springs, Ga (suburb of Atl). Uberdata, Crome, Turboedit, BRE, Hondata (if you have a working program w/ key). Toshiba laptop, moates chip burner, ecu socketing/chipping.

I've tuned out too many cars to remember. Started w/ my almost 3 years ago 200+whp sohc non-vtec still daily driven almost 3 years and 46k+ miles and a friends 515whp semi built ls/vtec are just a couple vouches I've posted dyno sheets on before. I can provide other dyno sheets as nec.

I will share bin files as long as the receipiant realizes even a tuned bin on one car is only a basemap on another.
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Default Re: HMT - Tuner Directory (Uberdata, Crome, TurboEdit, others?)

John Vega
http://www.phearable.net - 1-888-236-9831
Crome Professional, Uberdata, Hondata,Turbo Edit, BRE, Zdyne, AEM, Apexi afcs & more!
Ecu Chipping / Socketing services & Chipped ecus ready to ship!
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