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Forced Induction Custom FI Setup Questions

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Thrilled to see a video of that car on the road
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So I brought the car home but I had forgotten to update the topic

Key features of the install:

- boost output varies based on throttle position. for example i won't see full boost unless a primary condition of TPS at 100% is met. this works nice and is a good thing to have as a failsafe to prevent unwanted boost spikes should the WG actuator fail
- check engine light set to work as a shift light
- electronic boost control
- a more capable MAP sensor (VEMS proprietary)
- introduced a loop in idle values at higher IAT's to help with cooling
- an lcd display for live engine data monitoring (TPS, IAT's lambda etc). very useful to diagnoze stuff should anything fail
- analog switches for antilag and launch control
- revmeter signal straight from the ECU
- setup was done on 250 cc injectors (the math said it shouldn't have worked, but they seem to hold the AFR's steady so that is good)

Stuff that was deleted in the process:

- stock ECU
- piggyback ECU
- AFR AEM (they fitted a proprietary lambda sensor to feed values directly into the ECU)
- carbon canister removed
- PVC valve deleted completely (no more blowby in the intake)

Here are some short videos, I will make more in the future.

The car drives very nice, tune works great in every regime.

I have only a single issue. We've made the turbo work so well (boost threshold around 200 rpm lower than before) and put out enough cfm that the engine can't take the whole air in and the compressor reaches the surge line during load in high boost.

I couldn't have foreseen this since there are no compressor maps available for this turbo, let alone to account for the custom built billet intake wheel.

I plan to adress this in the future by going all out crazy:
- modified cam
- ported head
- a bigger turbo to induce lag on the stock form engine
- custom built intake manifold with an continuously driven eaton supercharger.

Yes, that means a twincharged setup (TC > IC > SC >intake), with instant boost from idle and no lag.

Plan is to run a low boost pulley at the SC (for around 5 psi) and start with the minimal setting on the TC (7-7.5 psi). This would yield a compound boost value of around 15psi in the intake, while keeping both SC and TC spinning at very low speeds, thus keeping IAT's low and eliminating the need of an aftercooler after the SC.

There would be no additional electronics involved, no need for a SC clutch, we would need only to move the feed of the turbo wastegate line in the intake manifold instead from the compressor housing and also move the BOV feed line and put it in the SC intake (after the TB).

However meanwhile, everything works great, there is no oil consumption so the turbo is still working good despide the occasional surge.

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