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Wideband CONFUSION....

Old 03-29-2009, 11:10 PM
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Default Wideband CONFUSION....

So, I have started to wire my wideband, an Innovate LC-1 w a Moates O Meter. I want to have it permanently installed. I also plan on datalogging with Log Works through the ecu using the 4 pin connector and a HuLOG, but now I am confused!

I have the wiring of the LC-1 to the O Meter down, however I am confused on a few things...and maybe i am over thinking this...

Obviously the Brown wire went to the O Meter...Do I need to use the Yellow wire or split off the brown wire to the ECU at all (mb to "D14" in the pinout?

How does this work for datalogging? Do I pull a signal from the wideband and the ecu and will that by in synch?

Anything else that I need to know, i have been roughly looking at this as a write up...but he is talking about switching the brown and yellow wire and ----, im not planning on moving this thing once installed...

How to wire LC-1 into civic

any help is appreciated! Damnit I am confused....i know i am close to understanding though lol....


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Old 03-30-2009, 08:51 AM
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this is easy man, check it out.

the yellow wire is a NARROWBAND output
the brown wire is a WIDEBAND output

so if you are permanently installing it then the new sensor that came with your lc1 is going to replace a stock 02 sensor. well the ecu needs to still see a narrowband input during normal operation, this is when you would have the yellow wire connected to the ecu. NOW if you are going to be datalogging FROM THE ECU via the 4 pin ecu header, then you will need to have a wideband input to the ecu, because on your datalogs you need to see wideband AFR info, then when you are all done datalogging and tuning, you reconnect the yellow narrowband wire. just use bullet connectors, a male bullet connector on the yellow and brown wire, and a female bullet connector on the ecu wire, that way when you need to switch them it's just plug and play, no wire splicing needed. hope this helps!
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Old 03-30-2009, 05:14 PM
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I see, so *insert retarded moment* I don't leave the stock 02 and wideband installed all at the same time?

I was under the impression that is what I would be doing. If not, I am fine with it, I just need someone to let a nicca know.
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Old 03-30-2009, 05:41 PM
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Ok ok, I think i got it...

I have a separate bung for my o2, so here we go.

1. Split brown wire from my O Meter, and run it to my o2 wire at the ECU, "D14".

2. Wire it as you said, bullet connectors and all, and swap the wires for the diff modes, Brown when I am datalogging, yellow when I want the innovate o2 to act as my stocker Narrownband.

3. I still will need to do this, right?

Reprogram Wideband analog output:
Connect the serial cable from the lc-1 to your laptop
Open lmprogrammer
Program Analog output 2(the one that is currently set to 0-5v) to the following:
0.1v = 7.35 afr
3.25v = 22 afr
Click "program" to program the settings.
Close lmprogramme

4. And I will need to open Crome and match the 02 scale in it to the above?

5. This is essentially what I will be doing then, also I need to disable the o2 in the tuning software?

Remove the brown wideband wire, and wire the yellow analog output wire (simulated narrowband) to the o2 sensor wire (D14 - thick solid white wire). Re-enable o2 sensor in tuning software

Final and last question...

If I leave the stock o2 in the downpipe as well as my wideband, when not datalogging and such, can I leave it wired to my gauge and I should still be able to get a/f readings from it correct? So essentially I would be wiring the broiwn to the 02 wire, but then re enabling the 02 in the software and leaving my stocker narrownband in there as the narrowband, and using my wideband to still watch my afr in real time on the gauge right?

THink I got it, just someone could confirm the effing book I typed, it would be great.

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