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PJ-0 86 accord tuning options, any advice?

Old 09-10-2005, 05:14 PM
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Default PJ-0 86 accord tuning options, any advice?

hi guys, i lurk a lot, but im attempting to tune my accord up here pretty soon, as soon as i get a 2nd car i am gonna try to boost it.

here is the specs on my setup:

A20A3 "BT" motor
12v SOHC 2.0L

3 angle valve grind
forged valves
high compression springs
titanium retainers
70-68mm bbk throttle body
AEBS b16 intake manifold
ported and polished head
delta 272 duration cam (may go with a more aggressive cam for when im NA)
DC Sports 4-2-1 header

bottom end
bored .040
diamond racing forged pistons (target of 9.5:1 CR)
eagle H-beam rods
king tri metal bearings
cryo treated crank
high flow oil pump
lightweight flywheel
spec stage 3 clutch


anyway i plan on running this NA until i get out of school in march, and buy a second car, at which point i plan to boost it.
i am open to input on which turbo to run, i currently have a t3/t4 57 trim, .63 turbine .60 compressor, and i think its probably WAY to big for this motor, but damn its brand spanking new. also have tial 38 and hks ssqv from my lsat project that will be used on this motor. and i already found a guy to make me a manifold! ;-)

now before i even think about boosting this motor, i need to address tuning and fuel. i will have an adjustable FPR on a stock b16a2 fuel rail on this setup, thats IT for now. my main concern is the vaccum advance dizzy, and whether or not it would be possible to run the car with zdyne, turboEdit, or any of the software like that. my first issue to overcome is getting electronic dizzy control, which means new ECU, or standalone tuning (which i am open to try).

from the limited research i have done, it looks like my options are to stick with a 4g accord ecu and dizzy, and run turbo edit, or find a pm-6 socketed ecu. OR just find a PR4 or P75 and jump to the obd1.

honestly i dont know the advantages of obd1 over obd0 as long as i have dizzy control and can tune it, it might be easier, so i can just pick up a simple obd0-obd0 harness and maybe tweak a wire or two to run a standalone. but can i do that with the pj0 accord ecu, or will i have to updrade my ecu to a model like the 90-91 accords..

any advice would be appreciated, i would rather keep this inexpensive, but i refuse to boost the car with any hacky setup, cause i dont want to blow anything up. im a conservative tuning type person. what are my options, other than waiting for the new ems for obd0! lol
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Old 09-10-2005, 09:40 PM
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Default Re: PJ-0 86 accord tuning options, any advice?

Yo boba... You should get a 4g accord dizzy and make it fit, then wire it all up to run an obd-1 civic or integra ecu, but you dont have to go nuts, a P05/P06 or P28/P75 and so on, but you really dont need vtec control so save the money. If youre gonna do the work to rewire and switch ecus, you should most definantly go for obd-1, its the best as far as cost and tunability (bang for the buck) with an obd-1 civic ecu, you can use crome or uberdata etc instead of turbo edit etc, even though its not bad either. The pjo accord computer can be reworked somehow to run a chip instead of the factory map but that still gives you zero ignition control, it just isnt worth your time. How much and where can we get the forged bottom end parts? Cost? Ive been thinking of those diamond forgings for a while now. That turbo setup sounds pretty good if youre gonna support decent power (think 250+ hp) youd be better off with somthing like that 57 trim vs a smaller t3, im not sure that the delta 272 cam would be a good idea for boost though, it might have too much overlap. Also, .40 over is alot on that block, anything over .20 over weakens the block even though its cast iron, it tends to crack between the cyls, besides, how much displacement are you gaining by going another .20 over? You could always go standalone, but i think that driveability wise, money wise, and complexity wise you should stick to a chipped honda ecu, and save the cash. Besides, if you get an ostrich or a romulator, you can tune real time too, or street tune easily with a wideband.
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Old 09-10-2005, 10:57 PM
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Default Re: PJ-0 86 accord tuning options, any advice?

My $.02...

Since you are OBD0 already and non-vtec, TurboEdit is more than you need.

Is the Accord MPFI or DPFI? You would have to convert to MPFI and get en electronic dizzy. You wouldnt need any sort of obd0-0bd0 harness...just repin the current harness to anything you might need to add or switch around. Then get your self a chippable PR4 or PM6 ECU and have at it.

There will be a decent cost savings to staying OBD0 (not huge) but TurboEdit is very tunable
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Old 09-11-2005, 01:46 PM
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Default Re: PJ-0 86 accord tuning options, any advice?


the bottom end parts were $600 ish for pistons with 1.2mm rings (good for boost/ n20 etc), and $350 for the rods. im going .040 because my block had scarring, and we have to go that big to get rid of it. also i will probably cryo the block and the crank anyway, so im not too concerned about it cracking. (though realistically i dont know)


im leaning towards yuor suggestion, because turboEdit seems to have more than enough control. do you have any suggestions of which odb0 electronic dizzy's i can try? obviously the 90-91 civic si, since thats where the pm6 would come from, and possibly a 90-91 teg?

im really not experience with wiring, and definetly not comforatable with all this stuff. i would prefer to find a dizzy that works, run a couple wires, buy a jkobd obd0-obd0 harness so i dont ---- up my stock ----, and then just work with a pm6.

i would probably start off with just chipping hte car, but u never know, i could score an el-cheapo laptop off ebay and run the osterich setup. which would be a blast. :-)
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Old 09-11-2005, 01:56 PM
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Default Re: PJ-0 86 accord tuning options, any advice?

Im not sure on the dizzy...you would have to see which/if any of the OBD0 dizzys line up your Accord
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Old 09-11-2005, 03:04 PM
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Default Re: PJ-0 86 accord tuning options, any advice?

i understand that. im asking which cars are even OPTIONS for being donors?
just so i know what to start looking for...

for example i know 4g accord dizzy will line up, but it gets in the way of the thermostat housing... i have heard u can grind away on the housing and get it to fit, but u need to fab up a bracket. also i know the carbed accords had the thermostat housing on a different spot, as long as it wasnt on the inake manifold, then i should be able to switch locations and possibly eliiminate that issue of hitting the thermostat housing..

but 4g accord is the only one that has been confirmed on an accord. and that guy did a full obd1 swap
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