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Electronic Anti-Lag System

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Talking Electronic Anti-Lag System

Hey Guys,

My name is Charles, and I recently started a prototyping company with a couple of buddies. Now we focus on primarily on non-automotive prototypes, but about a month ago we were all discussing drifting and anti-lag on turbocharged cars. Being relatively new to the subject, I thought the idea of adding fuel to your exhaust manifold was dumb (and still kinda do to be honest). They quickly explained the idea was to keep your turbo spooled while at rpm, but decelerating. Thatís when I started with my newest idea, an Electronic Anti-Lag System (EALS). I wasnít sure where to go, so I decided to stop by here and get some input from anyone that may be interested. I have started an Indiegogo page, BUT I am not groveling for contributions from you all. I just need help getting the word out to mechanics and hobbyists, being a fairly specific prototype itís hard to get feedback and support. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

If you want to check out the Indiegogo page, you can below, but I think I can explain most of it here before.

My first thought was to inject cool, compressed air into the exhaust manifold instead of gas. There is a slight hurtle that needs to be overcome. When gas vapors combust they produce about 20 times their volume, now I canít really match that with compressed air. Assuming the air is relatively cold, the volume of injected air is only going to expand to 4 times the original, once super-heated by the exhaust gases. However, we can get around this with larger input volumes of air.

Iím not saying attach a 12v tire compressor to your exhaust manifold, DONíT do that. If the compressor does have enough volume to move the turbo, your ECU will detect the excess air and attempt to stabilize your fuel/air ratio; making your car over-rev, and will blow your motor if not stopped.

My idea is using a two-stage compressor; high-volume at low pressure, and low-volume at high pressure. Feed that air into a buffer tank, say a 2 Liter tank hidden somewhere. You can use a small micro-computer to control the air input, and to modify the data coming from O2 sensors, ect. All in all, you can make a functional system that would be able to inject air on demand.
There is another version of ALS, the launch assist; spooling your turbo while at idle. These usually are false ALS systems though, just a switch that offsets your ignition cycle so your engine is combusting while the exhaust ports are open. This is another system, that I just didnít quiet agree with. So a made a way for the EALS to run launch assist too.

While at idle, if your TPS is detected to fluctuate twice by compressing and decompressing your pedal (making the iconic ďvroom-vroomĒ), the system will enable launch assist. This spools your turbo until the next time you dump clutch and take off.

We havenít built the final prototype yet, like most start-ups we didnít have the funds readily available (hence the Indiegogo), but I did design and build a working proof of concept in less than 4 weeks. Using a cheapy micro-controller from radioshack, I started working on TPS and RPM detection.

I have the system up and running. Being a proof of concept, this only connects to the TPS/RPM lines, has On/Off, configuration for all cars, and even turns on a little compressor relay for effect! The system will auto-configure to any car once first booted; it determines Idle RPM/TPS, along with the ability to enable ďDrag ModeĒ and Auto-On.

It seems to work well, and be a solid Idea. From everyone Iíve talked to, being mechanics to friends, they seem to like it. I just need help getting it out there. Iíll attach as many pictures as I have, and we have the Indiegogo site for more information if I failed to explain myself properly.

Let me know what you all think! Iím trying to make the final product work for not only racers/drifters, but also stock trucks for instance. A big diesel would be great to have a silent Anti-Lag system on, whether for towing or just a faster get-up-and-go.

(If I did post this in the wrong section, I apologize. I figured Hybrid/Tech would correctly describe this new idea.)

Indie Site: http://igg.me/at/ueprototyping

Our Temporary Webpage: Home
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