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Default Anti Lag

Is it possible to use a shot of N2O to spool the turbo during clutch depression? I know if could be rigged up, but would you have a problem with the N2O going back into the combustion chamber rather than just spooling the turbo? I tried searching, but everytime I click on the damn search button it takes me to a blank page...
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Default Re: Anti Lag

hot hot hot turbo + cyrogenic frozen gases (lol) = totally awesome destruction of expensive parts.

so yeah do it and def get it on camera.
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Default Re: Anti Lag

What do you mean by spooling the turbo w/o it going into the combustion chamber?
If you wanted to run nos and turbo, there are pressure activated switches you can run with nos.
Or rpm switches.
Search ebay for them.
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Default Re: Anti Lag

i think what he is saying is that he wants to blow the compresed n2o over the compressor fan to keep it spinning while shifting......

I dont think the N2o will have enough force to help at all, and the whole really hot turbo , blus super cold gass is a really bad idea.....
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Default Re: Anti Lag

He wants to spin a large turbo off the line and not have lag that you normally would so he wants to know if nitrous can spool it at the line to avoid building boost and having it right away. No, because you need load on the turbo to cause it to spool so a transbrake or something is needed. It's possible, but need something to hold you back as you're putting load on.

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Default Re: Anti Lag

the cold side of a turbo dont get that hot.
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Default Re: Anti Lag

Originally Posted by kamilk69
the cold side of a turbo dont get that hot.
Hooray Captain Obvious!

Get a stutterbox(rofl) or an auto tranny and brake boost it if you're going for a purely drag car, otherwise you're retarded for using too big of a turbo. Some guys do use nitrous injection IN THE MOTOR NOT THE ------- TURBO to help spool between shifts, but during launch you don't need it anyway because traction is a good thing. If you really want anti-lag in the truest sense, look on some WRC pages as they use some pretty cool ---- to keep their snail spinning at all times. Sounds to me like you just wanted to look smart for your first post and ended up confusing people and looking kind of dumb lol. All these goddamn guys are using as big a turbo as they can find, but the truth of the matter is that you want to get away with the smallest possible turbo for your goals. An HX40 on a D16y8 doesn't gaurantee you're putting down 500whp for godsakes.
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Default Re: Anti Lag

^wow don't get violent there...what I was asking was if you could use nitrous to directly spool the turbine instead of using an ALS to do it...didn't think about the thermal effects of the N2O though...anyway, as for running too big of a turbo, I'm not, I'm using a GT2871R with a .84 a/r on a 2zz-ge...I hit boost around 3.8-4k so I'm not in lag that long, I was just seeing if I could reduce the lag time further...I've read up on the rally style ALS systems (specifically those of the st205) I may end up going with something like that...the only reason I was asking about the N2O was because right now I'm using a PFC to run the engine, and it doesn't have an ALS/flatshift feature like some of the other standalones do...does anyone know if I could use a Megasquirt to operate a system like this?
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Default Re: Anti Lag

isnt that ball bearing? it should slow down that much while the clutch is in for 5 seconds. my buddy has the same turbo with the 60something trim and even after you shut the car off you can hear the sucker whine down for 20 seconds or so.
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Default Re: Anti Lag

Originally Posted by 2G6
the truth of the matter is that you want to get away with the smallest possible turbo for your goals.
=True statement.

about the anti lag...
I have some customers who reported making an amazing anti lag system with a simple hack of the clutch switch, basically making it cut the spark between shifts, resulting in an intentional backfire in the manifold that happens right as you release the clutch after each shift. I would love to test drive one. Sounds pretty turbo-destructive to me but it apparently works amazingly well and i know it's been a years old trick.

about ball bearings:
Alone, they're not responsible for enough spool up improvement to deserve being called an ANTI LAG system.
The new GT turbos are very fast spooling turbos but that's related to many other major improvements brought by garrett to their new GT lineup.
I have a gt3582R on my h22a, I think it lags, My old 60-1 with p trim twinscroll .58 a/r turbine was spooling quicker. i am about to try the new hybrid GT3082R to fix the problem.
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