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chip burning question

Old 07-18-2011, 09:38 PM
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Default chip burning question

So, I had a slight oversight and decided to post this question in the appropriate section..

I am going to attempt to tune my car myself and have these two questions:
What exactly is needed to hook my laptop up to my ecu that I've purchased from phearable.net?
here is the link to the ecu I've purchased: http://www.phearable.net/shoppingcar...vtec-p-32.html

second question, the emulator is a bit out of my price range to buy (budget build), do people still use chip burners? how does this all work when trying to burn my new map to my ecu? does crome do it for me? I'm completely new with crome but do have previous tuning experience (outside the honda world)

Lastly how hard is it to swap the chips in and out of the ecu? can you use a chip more than once (meaning can i burn more than one map to it?)

To make sense of all this, essentially i ordered a basemap ecu from phearable.net, and i want to hook my laptop up to it and make alterations in crome(free version), and have somebody burn the chip for me so i can put it in my ecu.

thanks all!
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Old 07-19-2011, 12:56 PM
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Nobody has used freelog with crome to datalog, with any success? any pointers would be great guys..
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burning chips is a thing of the past. most people shitcan the stock obd1 ecu and purchase a megasquirt 2 which is more tuneable for boost as it has a built in 2.5 bar map sensor. dont get me wrong. a lot of peopl3 still use the crome and other reflashing programs but you do need to know what your doing if you tune it yourself. each vehicle is different so using someone else tune may not be right for you.

with the megasquirt 2 it has a great feature of helping you tune. you put the afr in the fields and then the megasquirt datalogs and tells you which fuel blocks you need to change to reach that target afr. its a lot easier to tune with a 2.5 bar map sensor for boosted apllications.

i wish i could help you more but i dont know much about the crome and other honda flashing tools. hopefully someone can chime in and help you. as far as how to hook up the laptop there should be a port on the computer or it may use the obd1 port to communicate.
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I do use free crome and freelog. I have never had any problems and it tunes just fine. Freelog takes some reading to set up correctly. Crome has alot of adjustments you need to go through. I have a 2000 si stock internals, boosted to 10 psi, and put 25000 miles on it on an engine that had over 80,000 on it when i installed the turbo. Now i am going to put some forged pistons so i can boost higher. The best way to tune is, Det cans, wideband, and pull your plugs and read them. Buy the ostrich, its affordable and tuning on the fly is so much faster then pulling chips all the time to burn. I love the ostrich because i can really lean out the fuel when i am driving to work and back. I have gotten 39mpg at highway speeds and no wot. But i leave the boost side alone so i can pass some one with class. Making a car fast is never cheap. Tune AFR in boost around 11.1 for a good safe start. That will be rich enough. I tune mine anywhere between 11.8 and 12.5 in boost. 1-5 psi i am usually at around 12.5 and past 5 psi i get richer from 12.3 to 11.8 at i get closer to 10psi. use the Det cans for your ignition timing.
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