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What to do?

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Default What to do?

Hey guys,
Ive got a 2000 civic si (b16a2) with about 140k on it. Ive wanted to boost it for such a long time, but with all the miles im afraid i'll blow it up. This car is my daily driver, and I have a bit of a budget. I have all the essential bolt on's but I want more power. I was thinking of doing an ls/vtec or just rebuilding my motor and boosting it, but i only have so much money. I'm wondering what you guys think, I want power out of my build but I dont know if an ls/vtec swap costing $2k would be worth 200 horse. I did a compression and leakdown and passed with flying colors. I was considering boosting my motor and then start building a new one saying as though the old thing probably wont last to long. What do you think my next step should be, building a motor or boosting my old hunk of ----. (i know this is hmt and many of you are thinking turbo, but I dont want to drive it around for two months and then blow the thing up.)
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just know your limitations is all. i would do a low hp turbo build. with the right tuning and pcv setup you should not have a problem with a standard 50trim on 8-10 psi
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I agree with turbof22a as long as the compression and leak down are good your fine mileage doesn't mean anything especially with hondas. The only thing you might want to do is get a cometic headgasket and some arp studs but that's optional and all up to you. Good luck with your build
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pcv setup has been proven a myth, as in not needed. just vent the vc
and those engines can handle a good deal of horsepower way more than 200, even a d-series can do better than that.
and as long as your not burning a -----load of oil, or have no compression on one cyl. or something, you should be ok. just make sure you have someone who knows wtf they're doing tune it
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You can easly make 250-280hp safely with your stock B16....the tune is EVERYTHING....
good tune = dependable car.....
bad tune = a little but of fun for a little bit of time, then smokey smokey...
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? ^^
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Question what?

Originally Posted by brettsb16a2 View Post
? ^^
What is ? ^^ supposed to mean?
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