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d15b7/d16y8 mini me question

Old 02-18-2009, 01:20 AM
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Default d15b7/d16y8 mini me question

Hey I recently built a mini-me motor. D15b7 block, d16y8 head. I replaced the head gasket, intake manifold gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, timing belt, throttle body gasket, spark plugs, spark plug wires, and valve cover gasket. I dropped it in my 98 civic. I used a bare y8 intake manifold, b7 injectors(cleaned spotless), y7 fuel rail, with the y7 throttle body. I used the obd-2 wiring harness in my civic, and the stock distributor on the y8 motor. I retimed the motor double checking multiple times. We got it running with the p2e ecu at my work, drove 13 miles home with an erratic idle, while running rich. I got it home parked it starting it later on that night to move it into my driveway. I come out the next day swap in a p2p ecu I had bought previously, switched out a coolant hose that had been leaking, and tried to start it. It cranks but won't start. So I look at the full code on the ecu and end up finding out it is for an automatic car(I got ripped off). I again swap the ecu's back to the p2e and try and start it. Same thing. The car had a dead battery so while I am trying to crank it the battery charger was hooked up and on the 50 amp start setting. Since that day I have been unable to get it to turnover and was wondering if anyone on this site has any clue as to what could be the problem. I am buying the y8 ecu this week, as well as an aem true time cam gear, after which I will time the motor once again. Yes I am cheap I didn't get it tuned.

On a side note I picked up a free turbo from work. a td04l I believe from an older wrx. The owner replaced the turbo because the seals were leaking. I plan on sending it out to get rebuilt, I already have an exhaust manifold I will need to buy an adapter plate for, and I have a tapped oil pan. So far so good, considering all of these items came with motors I bought to drop in my civic over the couple years I have owned it.
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I had the same b7/y8 on my last setup w/ obd1. because of the deck difference of the b7 and y8 head, you will need to swap your y8 cam gear with either a b7/z6 cam gear to correct the timing. You didn't state what timing belt you used but you should use a z6/y7/y8. They're all the same size. Ecu should not matter, it should at least start. Redo your timing again, manually rotate crank to ensure timing is still correct, then start car. If no start then I would check for compression, spark, then fuel.
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first off. dont by a y8 ecu if you plan to turbo. get a chipped obd1 ecu and a conversion harness( i happen to have both for sale)

when you say "Since that day I have been unable to get it to turnover" does that mean the engine wont spin or it spins but wont fire?

i have a boat load of questions to follow, but we need to clear some things first
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Hey I am buying a b7 block so I can build the b7/y8 mini me but I am having a hard time figuring out how should I do it. So can some one please help me and tell me what what upgrades to do the the b7 block it self.. p.s I am going to go boost.
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