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2 turbos on a civic. one big one small. build. >

2 turbos on a civic. one big one small. build.

Fabrication Everything From JBwelded/Fluxcored downpipes to Equal length SS Manifolds.

2 turbos on a civic. one big one small. build.

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Default 2 turbos on a civic. one big one small. build.

First off I am aware that d15b2 is about the worst engine to do anything with. It came in the car that I got for free with a bad valve ($12+gaskets). I looked at it sitting out in the drive for a long time. My background is offroad motorcycle racing and I'm 2010 M.E. grad from Rose-Hulman. I have never had a honda car before and this car is unlikely to ever be plated, at least I dont think I will ever want to pay the insurance on another/this vehicle. I'm really a BMW guy and diesel, small diesels, like the bmw335d.

To this project. I am really going for fun. I am building the setup as cheaply as i think I can.

So to what I am putting together
willem burner/moates burn2
moates hulog
turboedit . butt tuning

stage 1
d15b2 stock internals/head
88-91 si intake manifold/mpfi/resister box
PM6-A09 ecu + chipping Kit
TD02u distributor
ebay ex. manifold
ebay t3/t4 turbo
Schwitzer S1 turbo
ebay wastegate
ebay BOV
ebay (GM) 3 bar map
ebay oil filter adapter for turbo oil lines
ebay Gaskets
Homemade Headgasket
Locally sourced hose/conduit/hose clamps/oil fittings
Turboedit/hulog/ecucontrol/freelog for tuning

currently HERE all together and started 6/4/2010. doesnt idle. will run boost for a while then goes into limp mode. 8lbs of boost by 2300rpm during WOT acceleration. boost is limited to 8 lbs for now.

Stage 2 ...
build D16a6 for high boost
Rods <$250
cleanup ports in head
high strength studs all around
shooting for 6:1 to 6.5:1 C.R. you can rant about this if you want.


stage 4...
grassroots mag. $2011 challenge maybe

Name:  p_00159.jpg
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dpfi to mpfi swap
Name:  p_00161.jpg
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blown head gasket #2 cyl
Name:  p_00174.jpg
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build a new headgasket
Name:  p_00173.jpg
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Name:  p_00180.jpg
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Name:  p_00190.jpg
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Name:  p_00194.jpg
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compression rings
Name:  p_00196.jpg
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copper paint
Name:  p_00195.jpg
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Bi-stage turbo setup
Name:  turbocivic.jpg
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making the charge piping
Name:  S5000038.jpg
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Name:  S5000059.jpg
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Name:  S5000074.jpg
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putting it together
Name:  S5000067.jpg
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Name:  S5000073.jpg
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Name:  p_00201.jpg
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Name:  p_00160.jpg
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Name:  p_00171.jpg
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time to work out the bugs and tune

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holy ---- vids nig nog!
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Nice build.
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the setup is awesome, and custom... first time ever seen a bi-turbo setup on a honda. keep up the one of a kind setups, its the only way you can be different.
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iv seen a few twin turbo honda's / acura's.. but they all had dohc's
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Ya twin turbo is a different thing really. I am moving along the best I can on the project. I ended up getting a couple more sst27sf512 chips and a Moates Burn2 so that problem I had with my Willem burner is gone. I also had a really bad idle while using the NG63 code so I tried a NG62 and it was better and then I moved back to NG61 and its almost right. But now the car is hard to start. I need to get an O2 sensor though.

as for my ecu codes. My best guess is the used distributor that I got is bad. I get TDC and CYl position sensor codes. I am pretty sure i have the distributor hooked up right now so the only problems can be bad sensors/wiring to ecu/ecu. If I had started with an mpfi engine i would not have this headache and if I have to buy more parts for this swap its almost looking cheaper to parts out my mpfi swap and buy a complete mpfi engine.

Anybody have or know of D16a6 complete that they want to get rid of. I will be rebuilding it with vitaras and HD rods so it can be a slap worn out engine just want a complete engine and intake system. maybe even a whole car. I'm thinking a wrecked one.
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Why did you make a headgasket. Arn't the d series headgaskets super cheap.
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Well the real reason I made the headgasket is that I found out it was blown at 5pm on a sunday and I wanted to make it run. But I did want to decompress this engine anyway and my gasket is 3mm thick. To buy a ~2.4mm gasket off the shelf is about $140. So for what I wanted this was cheaper and its Homemade.
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nice build. like the home made headgasket. why didnt you purcahse mandrel bent piping? would save you a shitload of fab work.
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I had the conduit laying in the shop it was free and what would be homemade about it if i bought mandrel bent tube. Now if you have tubing laying around and own your own pipe bender that could still be homemade. I plan to buy a tubing bending sometime after I furnish my new place
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