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using ROM editor to...

Old 05-28-2003, 10:29 PM
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Default using ROM editor to...

okay, this is mostly thinking on screen, and i know it doesnt apply everywhere, because not everywhere has it, BUUUT:

has anyone considered using a rom editor to convert a gasoline engine to run on something like E85 (which has an octane between 100 and 104 and costs the same as mid grade gasoline)?
mileage wouldn't be as good, but here in MN it's routinely cheaper than gasoline and most stations have it.
i know the mixture is different, but i would think that beign partially based on gasoline, the injectors would still be compatible. i think alcohol would have more of an intercooling effect in the intake stream than gasoline as well..

anyone have any thoughts on the matter. this idea is before any sort of research on E85. maybe someone else knows more about it.. seems like it might work well with boost though with it's high anti-knock index..
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Default Re:using ROM editor to...

Well, if your engine would like it mechanically, I don't see a reason why you oculdn't tune an ECU to accept the different burn values. All one would have to do is tune for higher octane. Sounds just like tuning for running any other "Race gas".
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Default Re:using ROM editor to...

I have absolutely zero clue on wtf E85 is.

Alternate fuels... you have to first answer if this E85 has the right lubrication properties for your fuel system (methanol will rot conventional rubber gas line in short order) and you have to have some idea what amount of energy it has per liter/gallon/wtf ever (methanol has half the energy or gasoline, approx, so they have to inject twice as much).
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Default Re:using ROM editor to...

it has approximately 72% the energy of gasoline. it's basically 85% ethanol, 15% gas.

"Alcohols are more corrosive and may accelerate the breakdown of certain materials that are commonly used with gasoline. Zinc, brass, aluminum, terne-plated steel, lead-based solder, natural rubber and PVC tend to degrade and could lead to fuel contamination and engine failure. Unplated steel, stainless steel, black iron and bronze have shown acceptable resistance to alcohol corrosion."

so basically, anything in the fuel system that is made of rubber (flex fuel lines could be replaced with teflon SS hose), PVC, aluminum (this could screw the intake manifold, though perhaps the inside could be coated.. )

i guess the determining factor would be the cost effectiveness of changing those parts..

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