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SMT6..... pros and cons

Old 01-24-2004, 11:37 PM
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Default SMT6..... pros and cons

ok, i know that whoever orderd the SMT6 hasn't recieved theirs as of yet, but what i would like is to see is what people think of them after they tune w/ it. are they worth the $$$. what are the problems, what are the high points? a screenshot of the prog on ur laptop would help.

personally, i'm very interested in purchasing one for the $290 right now (yea, i know, a day late and a $ short), but i want one in the guys hand before i pay, so i don't have to wait for whoever to ship the thing out.

just curious of what u guys think of this product.


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Old 01-25-2004, 07:33 PM
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Default Re:SMT6..... pros and cons

Pro... simple to install, works on a wide range of cars.
Con... doesn't have linear interpolation in the 3d maps, uses throttle as main load input for the 3d maps.
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Old 01-27-2004, 04:28 AM
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Default Re:SMT6..... pros and cons

I only heard really bad bad things about the SMT5
i dunno how it is with the SMT6 but i dont think i would recommend it :P
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Old 01-28-2004, 05:24 AM
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Default Re:SMT6..... pros and cons

anyone else? i think it's a good *** deal for the price, i mean for just a little more than an afc, you are able to tune fuel and ignition, and it's one of the only options if you're obd2 (other than converting). i've been looking into it for a while and it's what i'm going to run. if you go to www.perfectpower.com you can register and have access to the downloads page to download the manuals and software to have a look at it
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Old 01-29-2004, 05:54 AM
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Default Re:SMT6..... pros and cons

none of you engine management, ecu chippin, code writin fools have any input on this little device
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Old 01-28-2006, 03:08 PM
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Default Re: SMT6..... pros and cons

I am running one in my supercharged 2.2 Subaru Legacy wagon.

I am running 9 psi of boost on an NA ecu, so timing is deadly. I have blown two motors due to excessive timing with relation to boost.

I have 35% larger injectors now (370 versus 270cc), 20% higher stock fuel pressure, rising with a 3-1 rrfpr.

The pros........

I easily pull timing in the high load, high rpm ranges that previously ate pistons. I have NEVER EVER had audible detonation with the SMT6 setup correct. And it was the audible detonation that broke my pistons (cracks and missing ringlands!)

I easily add fuel at load and pull fuel down low and off load to compensate for my higher rated injectors and high fuel pressure. On the freeway I get 23 mpg (although I should get 27ish if I werent modded)

The cons......

One thing, and we are pretty sure it is a Subaru thing. I get weird timing issues SOMETIMES. This means I get a heavy miss/buck when I put the pedal to the metal. But only sometimes, and only on boost. But we are pretty sure this a Subaru signal problem. And I have eliminated about 90% of the time with better grounds.

So do I believe in it?

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Old 01-28-2006, 05:00 PM
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Default Re: SMT6..... pros and cons

Yeah, we were looking into this setup for my brothers 2.5 RS running notrous. He's soon going to be turbo so I as well may have a chance to see how it really does as an EMS.
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Default Re: SMT6..... pros and cons

Wes, my neighbor you may remember with the HMT 2.5 RS build uses an AFC and is getting the TMC1-011 I believe.
Here is the low down.

List price is $385. This is a Split Second timing controller (TMC1-011) w/ remote timing adjustment ****. Great for any impreza owner looking to turbo their car. It has a vacuum line going into the controller and retards timing as boost rises. It does this by modifying the signal going to your coil pack on top the engine. The adjustment **** dictates how much to retard the timing and is small enough to mount anywhere like under the steering column. Comes with complete timing controller, manufacturer paperwork, and Split Second sticker.

He runs about 5 psi now but would like to run a bit more. He is running a smaller turbo but the timing is nasty on the Subby so it eventually does them in.
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Default Re: SMT6..... pros and cons

& Talk about a thread revival reddevil LoL!!!
Posted on: January 28, 2006, 01:08:26 PM
Posted on: January 29, 2004, 03:54:19 AM

I love mine. I've had it for what 2 years now? The quick answer; broken down in price groups:
SMT-7 > E-Manage Ultimate > Unichip
SMT-6 > E-Manage > FTC-1, or Anything else Split Second makes. SS sucks hind tit.

baldur was incorrect.... You can use whatever you damn well please as the load imput. You are not tied to a TPS signal. Depending on the setup & load sensor, there are a lot of cases with an AFM/MAF/KV where you can pick-up a nice bit of throttle response by using that output instead of the TPS to tune with.

Which is part of the big draw to an SMT-6. With imagination, you can make a very basic SMT-6 do some very advanced things.
With an SMT-6 you can do:
Analog load sensor, Fuel Injector/Wastegate/On-Off trigger, Ignition
Lambda sensor, Fuel Injector/Wastegate/On-Off trigger, Ignition
Wheel Speed Sensor (or other similar sensor), Fuel Injector/Wastegate/On-Off trigger, Ignition
You've also got the trigger able output & two sets of settings that can be accessed by grounding a wire (use a switch, or a relay).

That's out of the box.
Have a closed loop tuning hole where you hit boost & run at 14.7 A/F ratio until the ECU hits open loop?
No problem.
Use a MAP sensor / boost pressure switch & you can either choose to richen the AFM, add extra injector<s>, or tune lambda.

I will say, the ability to tune lambda via a lambda sensor is the most under-rated ability of ALL TIME. It is hella useful.
I've gotten to the point where I prefer tuning lambda for perfect off-boost driving, and using a MAP/BPS switch to tune extra injector<s> for boost.
The off-boost drive ability compared to installing larger injectors & tuning the load sensor is insanely better...
Tuning extra injectors off a MAP switch is a freaking joke it's so easy.
Want that timing advanced the whole map off-boost & retarded based off a MAP sensor? It's got you covered.

The trigger able output is obviously anything you can do with a relay, so basic water injection/sprays, cold-start fuel injectors. Turning the ricy neons on under the car anytime you're @ WOT. Whatever. Imagination is the limit.

Want open loop? Most cars will trigger open-loop when the TPS sensor exceeds 75-80% maximum. Trigger a STDP relay off the SMT's output, or a boost pressure switch. Run the normal TPS output through the normally closed side of the relay, and pass the TPS's supply voltage to the other side. (or whatever the maximum voltage the TPS can send the ECU - most cars the ECU sends the TPS & load sensor power so the ECU can meter it & adjust to voltage changes of the system)
The relay flips, the TPS signal maxes out - the ECU jumps to open loop.

SMT's also come 100% functional out of the box. Unlike an E-Manage, there are no queer *** upgrades to buy *after* you have your unit to get it to do what you want. It's also cheaper out of the box & does more than an upgraded E-Manage. FTC's suck ***. They're the most expensive of any piggyback in their price range, while doing the least amount of tuning.

Almost every problem associated with the SMT, or any Perfect Power installation for that matter - is incorrect global settings, or incorrect installation. *Especially* when it comes to ignition. reddevil your experience most likely is a signal problem if you have exhaust everything else. If you need help with it, I do know a PP dealer personally & talk to him every day.

Anyways... SMT's are very powerful for the money spent. The only problem I ever had was because my specific Toyota engine ( 3.0L 3vz-fe) uses a weird spark setup. I swapped from that to driving my ignition coil directly & never had another problem (& found another 300-400rpm before my fuel cut nobody knew we had LoL!)
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Default Re: SMT6..... pros and cons


Lots of people seem to dis the SMT6, and if I wasnt having this weird problem, I would really argue with them!

But until I get this damn miss/hesitation/buck problem solved, I can only give it a 75% satisfaction rate.
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