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How exactly does GReddy E-Manage works?

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Default How exactly does GReddy E-Manage works?

I just wanted to know how exactly does GReddy E-Manage works?
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Default Re:How exactly does GReddy E-Manage works?

A quote from TurboEF9 on another forum...

"eManage is an overprived Apex'i V-AFC with datalogging. That's it.

It scales back your MAP sensor input to allow the manifold pressure to build greater than the stock allowance. Your car will throw a code at about 3.1 volts of the (0-5v range) of the stock MAP sensor.

It intercepts this signal, modifys it based on the user defined (20%? Sheesh..) amount and force feeds that new hacked signal to the ECU. The ECU Never thinks it sees boost. How does this work without running lean? Larger injectors. The larger cc injectors compensate for the difference in fuel flow (because the ECU's fuel maps are never altered) during the same injector pulse as the stock 240cc injectors. Hack Hack Hack. "Well if it works, why knock it?" Because no one takes into account the BAD things that happen when scaling your MAP sensor input.

Scaling effectively advances your timing like MAD! If you've ever looked at an ignition map before you'll be able to visualize what I'm saying.. But anyway, I'll try to explain it. Say you have a grid, 15x17 for OBD0, 10x20 for OBD1.. It's tuned for whatever vehicle, and you're maximum pressure is 1.3psi. You have the full range of your ignition (it does this to fuel also but for explaination I'm using the ignition). Now, you take your newly quired overpriced AFC and scale your MAP sensor input. You're at max 6psi. Imagine that extra range between 1.3psi and 6psi is tacked on to the end of the ignitoin map, cool uh? Too bad that is not what happends!

It squishes everything into those same size table!! This is called, "loss of resolution". Resolution loss is bad. It diminishes the amount of tuning points available for situations with the ECU. It makes your fuel and timing maps, more generic. Anyway.. imagine shifting everything over to the left to squeeze in the 6psi? Where do you timing values fall? MADLY ADVANCED!!!!!!! That's only 6psi.. imagine running 8, or even 12psi on this setup. The higher the boost, the more advanced your timing gets. Not that you would be able to scale your MAP sensor back far enough with an eManage to get 12psi without getting CEL(10). Oh well..

So, you compensate by retarding your distributor a bit... killing your low end power, and effecting speedy spool. C'mon now.. This is not a way to run a vehicle. Especially by using an almost $400 unit.

Why do they sell this? Because it's a cheap way to manage fuel for *LOW BOOST* setups. It's not meant to run 15psi. Are you crazy? Anythign above 8psi needs a *real* management system.

It's nothing like Hondata. Hondata is an ECU tuning system. This uses code that was written specifically for running boost. Specifically for tuning your car. eManage is nothing like this. It is a hack, plain and simple.

If you're going to run over 8psi, please invest in one of the free ECU tuning solutions, or a commercial one if you don't feel comfortable. Save yourself time, and money in the long run."
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Default Re:How exactly does GReddy E-Manage works?

If you use the software and boost control with the e-manage you get an adjustable 16x16 fuel and timing map plus the boost controler has a built in 2bar map sensor
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