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14point7 NAW_OEM. Need opinions.

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Default 14point7 NAW_OEM. Need opinions.

Just checked out one of his newer products Heres a link to it.. One of the main issues i'm seeing is that it uses LED lights to display AFR. there are 2 user settable modes for the display, Wide Range and Narrow Rang. In wide range each led represents 1 AFR of resolution from 11 to 17 AFR. In Narrow Range each led represents an AFR resolution of half an AFR from 11 to 13.5 AFR.

Price for the unit is $55 shipped(an extra $7.50 for all the little LED's and other things needed for like wiring harness and such) which is not bad at all.

Would tuning with the "light show" in narrow range with .5 intervals be a smart idea/sufficient? Im trying to find an inexpensive but decent way to tune my integra(using crome too btw)

Im reading that you can datalog off of the ecu(using freelog or crome) if you have the 4pin header on the ecu(which i have ordered from xenocron like i do for all my ecu needs)and the xeno log kit that connects to that but i would need to wire the wideband reader into the ecu. If this is possible(which i believe it is even with this unit) this sounds like the best way to go really.

Let me know what you guys think.

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the guy also has a overall view of the unit on youtube

Check it out

Need some opinions!
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you cant tune your car with a narrow band sensor. it doesnt matter what you use to control it, the sensor is the problem.
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well good thing this is a wideband controller and not a narrowband. i know it seems like it is a narrowband reader/controller from the way to view the AFR and thats why i was asking if that was a decent way to tune it(by watching the lights move from around since people do tune for usually 11-14 AFR's ) but obviously it isnt. it is now the smallest and cheapest wideband controller out there.

Here's some ---- takin straight from 14point7.com about the NAW_OEM wideband controller.

LED Display:

The LED display is composed of 7 LEDs, you chose the color of LEDs you want. By grounding pin 14 on the module you can chose between 2 display modes; wide range and narrow range. In wide range, each LED has a resolution of 1 AFR, the range of display is 11-16 AFR. In narrow range, each LED has a resolution of 0.5 AFR, the range of the display is 11-13.5 AFR.

Linear Voltage Output:

The linear voltage out is a 0-5[v] linear output from 9 to 19 AFR, 0.612 to1.293 Lambda, the output profile is the same as the Innovate LC1.
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u do know alanto is on this forum right?? NAW or JAW are awesome products. I will be picking up a NAW OEM soon. I had the JAW and it was an awesome product
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the naw has a dataloging output on it and wide/narrow ranges. it is a wideband yes, but unless you have an accurate display or something like megasquirt/megatune to read it with you will be stuck my friend.
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I have been thinking about getting one of his setups and building it myself to have around for a spare. Would be nice to have for someone that didn't have a wideband and I had to work on there car. It's cheap, so it I wouldn't be out much money.
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