Electric Superchargers!

Before you say, Oh my fucking god, these guys at Homemadeturbo.com are fucking Idiots, Listin up... Everyone has seen these stupid/fake Electronic Superchargers. They are all over ebay. People are buying these up for 50-$250!! I could not belive that shit! It was pretty obvious what you were buying, a blower motor for Boats. You can get these blowers at any Marine Store. So we decided to pick one up for $17.00 bucks at a Marine Shop online, and test this baby out. Might as well give it a shot.
Here is our little kit we built ourselves. a 4' to 3' adapter at Home Depot, a 4' Turbo Inline Blower, and some Speaker Wire. I am sure the $250 kits are much nicer than this.. haha! (probably not)
Here are the specs on this badboy, Wow, 230CFM @ 13.6volts.. Sure sounds like alot of air, is this to good to be true?
Hah, Their is Mike holding the ELECTRIC SUPERCHARGER.. He mounted it directly at the end of my Intake. The victim is my 89 Honda CRX SI (Mini-Me)
It was a little tight to get in their, but we managed to get it to fit, we were thinking maybe if we took the headlight out it would work alot better..
Overall, this peice of shit is a joke, It caused more of a restriction than anything. Not to mention it sounds really stupid. Its More like -10hp, since we could not find a use for this thing we decided to swing the baseball bat at it.. It was funny to watch all the peices scatter everywhere..

I feel sorry for all the people who bought one of these things thinking it was really going to make some Horsepower... oh well