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The crx that could...

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Default The crx that could...

So I realize this isn't entirely a "Hybrid/Tech" topic...but--- I realize HMT does not have a "My car will not start" thread--- however I've always wondered why a topic so dominant in our hobby lacks a formal discussion board... Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. Anyway- feel free to watch me suffer or chime in with any suggestions. Oh and if you live in the boynton beach, FL area feel free to hit me up- especially if you have a OBD1 civic I can test my ecu's on.

I've mulled over manuals to no avail and every thread that has similar issues was never answered--- at least after a rather rigorous google search... anyway----

89 Honda CRX D15b converted from OBD0 to OBD1 with two rywire harnesses (dizzy and ecu), stock P08 ecu...

Car ran fine for almost a year... theeen.....

Here are the issues I've been having in order.

Car would not start: bypassed the fuse box from the ignition switch mechanism. Seemed to fix it.

car won't start.

Fuel pump went out: replaced fuel pump with a walbro 255: car runs.

car won't run.

Main relay would not signal fuel pump: bypassed main relay: car runs again.

car won't start again.

Bypass would not turn the fuel pump on anymore: bought a new main relay. car still won't run.

Check continuity between fuel pump and main relay. Good

Check Continuity between main relay and OBD0 connector, Good.

Physically examined rywire harness. Looks good... its just wires- I don't see what could go wrong here....

Bought a P28 equiv. from Xenocron-- assuming its good.

Car still will not start...

This is where I'm at now--- I'm open for suggestions on any ideas people may have... I've never seen a car not click the main relay or the fuel pump and still turn over unless the ECU is bad... I've seen a ground not allowed the car to turn over-- specifically with CRX's, but never turn over and not start....

I AM getting a solid cel.. or rather.. the check engine cel will not turn off when its tripped for either ecu's... Is it possible I just have really bad luck and I'm sitting on two bad ECU's? possibly..

like i said- if anyone is in the neighborhood with a OBD1 honda I can test my ecu's on I'll throw ya a few bucks to stop by...

other than a bad ECU... I really have no clue... bad ignition switch symptoms? I dunno I've never had this happen to me... if you have, and any of these are the symptoms you experienced, please let me know... I'm assuming if it was the ignition switch the car wouldn't turn over at all...

Bad fuse box entirely I've never heard of this but once again-- if you have and these are the symptoms let me know....

Am I lazy? Sorta.. but more importantly- I'm just really busy so I'm asking if anyone has any suggestions on what it may be.

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I was having a problem with my civic starting a week ago.. I could hear the starter go. But the engine wouldn't turn over. The battery had the right voltage. But it still would not start. Everything was good on it. But it turned out to be my battery. The moment i put a new battery, it started. It was weird. I guess the battery had a bad cell. A battery can have charge and test good. But if it has a bad cell it can just loose voltage the moment it is put to use. IDK if this is your problem but just a suggestion.
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