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Default The world should be ending soon...

Well I have come upon the omen that describes the end of the world. Scrolling through morning -----fest that is cable at 7 A.M. I scroll across Al Sharpton and some crazy right wing lady with fucked of facial features on "Hardball with Chris Mathews." I rarely watch political shows anymore. I have such a disgust for the current state of America I try to to get worked up over stuff I really have no power to change at the moment.

Anyway they were arguing on the subject of the New York Times 'leak' and condemnation of the Bush administrations grab at sifting through any bank transactions/records that involve the ever-growing demographic of terrorist. I'm probably libral in this sense, but that lady was ------- batshit insane, which didn't help her case much from my point of view. She wants all the members of NY Times arrested for treason. Anyway the dark sign became clear to me when I realized that I actually AGREED with what Al Sharpton was saying.

That's right, I agreed with Al Sharpton. Make your babies, because this world is going to freeze over soon.

Personally I stand by the ideals that this country was founded upon, one major stand point I like to recall during current times is Ben Franklin's belife

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759"

That's really all I have to say on the issue other than the fact that somebody needs to keep the current admisitration in check from power grabbing more and more. If the other two branches of the government aren't checking the other one, then why is the press the bad guy when they do it? Freedom of speech and freedom of press are two of the most powerful assets we have, and two things I stand by.

Anybody else have thoughts on the issue of the NY Times 'leak'?
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Default Re: The world should be ending soon...

That made my brain hurt from too much thinking and reading. Turbo's are cool and make gnarley sounds. Have a nice day.
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Default Re: The world should be ending soon...

My thoughts are:

Al Sharpton is a fucken ------. Kill the bastard.
Right wing wacko bitches give good head. Sieze the moment
The NYT is a bunch of liberal fucksticks who will do anything to make Bush seem like he's evil, even if it means giving away completely legal ways of how we track terrorists. Swiss banks don't fall under our constitution, and they know it. It was just another way for them to sell out our security in hopes of us being hit again so they can say "see, Bush really wasn't keeping you safe".
If you agree with Al Sharpton at any time, you should fist ---- yourself.
Murder murder murder. Kill kill kill.
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Default Re: The world should be ending soon...

I have a hard time believing anybody agrees with Sharpton. Then again I don't understand liberals and what makes them tick other than they love to bitch.
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Default Re: The world should be ending soon...

Originally Posted by Al Sharpton
George Bush giving tax cuts is like Jim Jones giving Kool-Aid. It tastes good but it'll kill you.
That quote made me laugh
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Default Re: The world should be ending soon...

ditto to what stevemode said

you can barely spell but we should take you seriously.

good thing you're disgusted, cause you would've done so much better. librals are so smrt
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