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Priest may face trial for saying Jesus existed

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Default Re: Priest may face trial for saying Jesus existed

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I actually do believe in Evolution in one sense. Whoever does NOT believe that a species changes over time is a complete and utter idiot :1 What this fool is trying to do is drive the Catholic church out of Italy... Italian law says you can't teach anything that's incorrect, and if found to be incorrect you can't teach it anymore.. so if the courts "find" that Jesus did not exist, then the Catholic church and all others are to be driven out.

And also with the whole Priest ordeal... I don't understand why Catholic priests cannot marry. I am a presbyterian (specifically, methodist) and every church I've ever gone to, the Pastor was happily married with kids. Not saying that they all should do that, but every man has the craving, ya know Catholic Priests are just supposed to give that up.. and end up abusing the people that are with them regularly because of it.

In case you didn't notice, I don't like the Catholic church. Their own "bible" proves itself wrong... In one part (The "original" version) it states you can only be saved (from hell) by accepting Jesus as your saviour and into your life and acknowleding that God is the one true God... Then there's the f'd up Catholic part that says that you can only go to Heaven if your good outweighs the bad, and they also have some writing saying that if you are not a Catholic, or if you are kicked out of the Catholic church, you're going to hell.

Idiots. (Oh and lets kill everyone who doesn't believe what we believe... drrr :1 )

I, as does eveyone else, has doubts about everything... recently I've been having many doubts about Christ... but here's the thing.. If I'm wrong, what did I lose? But if I'm right... what did YOU lose?... Everything.

I think Whitey said it best here:

Originally Posted by Whitey
I won't know for sure until I die.
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Default Re: Priest may face trial for saying Jesus existed

I'm sorry but the correct answer was Mormon... Yes, the mormons.
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Default Re: Priest may face trial for saying Jesus existed

Catholics use to sell tickets that got you out of pergatory faster too... :1
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Default Re: Priest may face trial for saying Jesus existed

My dad was a pastor, so I grew up in a Luthren environment. I believe in evolution, and there's solid evidence that supports evolution. I think the bible and other religious documents were just interprutations of events that happened, and an explination of the unexplainable. I think our "soul" is just who we are. Yes, everything we feel and interprut consists of just electrons and our brain "telling" us what is happening. We don't like to accept that, so the soul seems to be understood more so than "just electrons."

I think God is everything, and that everything is connected in some way, some how. I could go on about this for hours, but that's my religious beliefs in a nut shell.
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Default Re: Priest may face trial for saying Jesus existed

the reasons preist cant have a wife is a property issue with the catholic church. not a moraly wrong thing.
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Default Re: Priest may face trial for saying Jesus existed

I headr about that.Its pretty funny to me.

More people have died over or for religion than of natural couse since the history of man.Religion is for mindless minions who need some one to tell them how to live their pathetic lifes.

I belive in god(not jesus.just god)couse it gives me a sense of relief.I just dont neeed him to live my life.
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