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New FI mod/ builds

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Default Re: New FI mod/ builds

count me in
my never ending build

current b18b +egay turbo 57 triim

and 3 inch exhuast yo!
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Default Re: New FI mod/ builds

Not to ask anyone to do any work, but it would be cool if there was a link to the 'HMT Builds' on the homepage menu
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Default Re: New FI mod/ builds

There is, it was just never updated.. See Turbo Projects link..
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Default Re: New FI mod/ builds

hey Guys i'm new here. Figured i'd start with a thread of my Build already in progress.

The name is Jon aka "user name" for obvious reasons if u have ever seen that damn low budget Chris Rock movie . lol

well it's started as a lil $ race street car and is now turning into a SFWD car for 09. ( because i am never happy with the power for too long).

1997 civic CX hatch that i got off an old lady in 02 for $2100 in Atlanta.
VSM Silver

~Motor and plans~
GSR 84.5mm Darton sleeved and copper o-ringed block
9.8:1 CP pistons
stock Ls crank
Eagle big bolt Ls rods
GE headstuds
Oil squiter block offs ( they hit with the use of Ls rods and crank in a GSR)
Honda oil/water pump, oil filter, gaskets,timing belt etc

B16 head
slight port n polish
Crower valvetrain
CTR cams
Stock camgears ( figured i's save a lil $ and less bling)
Victor X intake manifold
Skunk2 70mm TB
custom -10an breather fittings on the Valve Cover.

Tranny is a GSR with ITR final/ LSD diff
Clutch is a Competition Clutch Stage 5 (4 puc sprung with a Dual diafram PP)
Fidanza lightweight flywheel ( lol, i can't remember the weight , less than 12lbs , more than 8lbs ) lol
OEM axels for now till they won't hold anymore. So far preloading FTW!!

~Turbo Kit~
MB Racing T3 topmount turbo manifold
Tial 40mm gate
Full-Race T67ho turbocharger ( with plans of a BW S366 upgrade).
3" custom SS downpipe to full 3" exhaust to a Vibrent 3" pan muffler in stelth black to not get ---- from the "fuzz".
Tial 50mm BOV ( in uber cute Purple for the ladies )
All Alum cooler piping (3" cold side/ 2.5" hot side )
Precision 825hp core intercooler ( overkill , i know i know.. i got a good price on it )

~Fuel and misc ----~
1200cc Precision injectors
dual intank 255hp fuel pumps (people get scared and run for the bushes or yell "racecar" when they see a sump. )
BDL fuel rail w/ Areomotive fuel pressue Reg
Fulidyne Radiator
Skunk2 short throw shifter
Endyne breather kit x2 ( one on the VC and one on the block)

K Sport 1 piece drag coilovers
Omni Power rear lower controle arms
DC front upper and rear lower tie bars that i have had foreverr
Skunk2 rear upper tie bar
GSR rear disc brakes
and stock CX fronts with Brembo slotted stock replacement rotors ( kept it CX in the fronts so i can runa 13" rim for slicks)
Blox from camber kit

M/H 24.5" x 8.5" on Bogart 13" x 8" rims
ARP extended wheel studs ( i hate these things, u know how long it takes to change rims?)

~Engine management~
Chipped P28 with eCtune

~Plans and Goals~
430-450whp on pump gas
750whp on C16

Aiming to get into the 10's on the pump gas tune, and 9's on Kill-Mode.

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I guess my question is , whats the right section to start My Build Thread?

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Default Re: New FI mod/ builds

forced induction
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Default Re: New FI mod/ builds

my build thread is in my quote if you would like to add it
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Default Re: New FI mod/ builds

Not a honda, but its done right!

Here is some weird ****.

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YEY!!!!!! ****.....well kinda
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links dont work on the build threads
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