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Default Re:my ugly ride *pics*

Thank you for all the positive comments, I was very determend to get this thing going, my wife will attest to that. Alot of what is on this site, and pgmfi were a great help. I started off 3 years ago with this thing, not knowing a thing about swaps/turbo's.
In fact, if it was'nt for my bro, it'd been sold awhile ago, thanks Neil. You see, he has a '99 si, when he took me for a ride, things started changing right then and there. Then he introduced me to a friend with the same car I had (w/ B16) that did it! I got ahold of a runnig '91 integra, yanked the motor out and in no time, I had myself a B18a1 in a base model Hatch. That's when my bro one up'ed me and put a turbo on.
So.. you see, I'm stuck. With this sick obsession for more power. I'm sure you know what I mean.

O.K. let me answer a few of these 's
Originally Posted by AbaZ
You may want to get a custom front cross member, After I hacked mine up it really felt loose in the front end. Your spring setup is pimp, how are you liking the load variance?
I really didn't want to hack up my crossmember like that, but it was one of the last things holding me back, so I sliced and diced it. Gonna make a custom one, once my welding improves.
That load variance sucks! this morning I drove her to work, was boosting between 10 to 7psi, in that order, between 4k-5k rpms. wierd power band.
As I was getting on it I had downshifted to 4th (cruzin' at 65) and hammered it.. 2 sec later grabbed 5th... got over 90 and heard a noise... thought I ran over something, looked in the rear view and saw what looked like my rubber bumper, let off the throttle and thought for a sec.. remembered I hadn't attached the front part of the rubber wheel well. I had done this before, only not at 90 something.. the other side is gone too. Scared the **** out of me!
Well, on goes the quest for more.. more pics, vids, and speed. until then,
happy boosting.
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Default Re:my ugly ride *pics*

nice dp hahaha who wants to buy mandrel bends when u can make your own. setup looks nice. did a really clean job on it man. good luck. haha dont let ring lands own u
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Default Re:my ugly ride *pics*

If you call that ugly then wait until you see my kit when it's done. I think you did a good job. As long as it works then i don't really care about the looks.
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