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Car almost got jacked

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Default Car almost got jacked

im staying at a buddies house while h'e in europe and i have to park on the street. im very paranoid, even thought 92 dx hatch im driving is literally beat to ----. no passenger side window, fenders dented to ----, same with the hood. I thought a beat to ---- car would attract less attention. not to mention the axles need replaced as well as the clutch. so last night, im just chilling. i glance out of my window at about 40am to see this red hoodied pesron in my drivers seat.

It was a bitter sweet feeling. it was bitter because someone was about to rape my baby, but sweet in that if i hurried, i could beat some *** and not go to jail for it. my car was parked across the street so i snuck out the side, then up the all towards my car. i got as close as i could without being seen, then i bolted. he saw me, tried to get out of my car, but only got halfway out before i slammed up against the car door, pinning him. brass knuckles are my bitch. he started screaming like a little bitch, so i hit him in the mouth a couple times. serisously guys, i fucked him up bad. I called the cops to come pick him up and they were like, "christ dude, go easier next time" but then i was like i didnt know if he had a gun or a knife or anything.

the lesson here is this : if you try to steal from a hmt member, you might get a face full of brass.

---- thieves. they get no mercy
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Default Re: Car almost got jacked

Excellent. You forgot your camera.
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Default Re: Car almost got jacked

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Default Re: Car almost got jacked

hahaha thats ------ awesome!
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Default Re: Car almost got jacked

this reminds me of one time. some guy try to steal a buddies car out of my drive way. he left it running to run in the house to get me. all of sudden we hear his motor reving up. so he bolts for the door. runs outside just in time to dive in the window as the guy is trying to drive down the street. he came back about 2 minute later with his car. i guess he was beating him the whole time. the guy finaly stoped about a block away. and ran leaving his shoes behind. new pair of jordans. the car was a 87 Hurst Olds with the crazy 3 shifters in the console. thats why it took the guy so long to back up.
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Default Re: Car almost got jacked

dam thats tight. my mom saw someone near my car and told me, i ran out barefoot (and it had been raining out) with my good old luiville slugger in hand. "HEY MOTHER ******!!" dude just gets my hood open, alarm goes off, he turns around, drops it and starts bolting just as I almost get to him. i chased him for a little while down the street, then chucked the bat and knocked him in the back of the head, he stumbles for a bit then keeps running. i just picked up my bat and walked back.

that's pretty sweet though, I'd love to give a car theif a face full of brass

times like that make me wish i was still holding my dads pistol for him, just pop him in the knees and let him bleed- shooting someone below the belt is just assault here in washington
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Default Re: Car almost got jacked

I'd say "bitter sweet" is the perfect description.
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Default Re: Car almost got jacked

i love it
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Default Re: Car almost got jacked


lesson to the others...
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Default Re: Car almost got jacked

you should have lynched that ------
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