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B16 turbo setup - boosted by Nissan

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Default B16 turbo setup - boosted by Nissan

Hell must of froze over cause after years of talking about it...I'm finally getting my turbo set up going =]

I don't have very many parts at the moment, but I'll continue to post photos as I get more stuff and have more updates to share.

This is what I've got so far...

Cheap cast iron log manifold. This will not look this shitty when it's on my car at the end

Got a blow off valve and some piping thanks to my friend Cody. I've got some plans to change the colors on this thing. Chrome and purple will not match my engine bay very well

Got a test pipe to replace the restrictive cat thanks to my friend Jose. This is already on my car as of last night and somehow my exhaust sounds even better

I got my turbo =]! Thanks to my friend Taylor. I should of taken a photo of it just on the ground, but I forgot. So here it is test fitted onto my car.

I had to shave quite a bit off my block to get it to fit, but it fits & I can keep my ac.

I went ahead and started pulling the turbo apart to clean it

Blades all look good. No chips or scratches

Compressor housing is dirty on the outside, but is pretty clean on the inside. No sludge or oil which tells me it wasn't leaking

After the compressor housing is all cleaned up I'm gonna have it powder coated black just to make it look a bit better and match my engine bay. I still need to pull the exhaust side off and clean that out

Radiator and condenser blew. She looks so depressing right now =[ (this was before I could the condenser out). They rubbed against each other and created a hole. I guess after I test fitted the turbo I didn't notice when I put everything back in that they were rubbing.

Oh I also removed those ps cooling lines to make room for the intercooler

Went ahead and mounted my intercooler today. It might be moved up or down a bit once I see how it sits behind the bumper, but this is generally it's finally spot. (ignore the piping, that was just shoved on to see if it would clear where the bumper mounts)

Nevermind....I just had it up too high before. I thought that was right, but I guess it's a smart idea to leave the support mounted and then try to see where the intercooler should go. Lesson learned on my part. I've still got to make the lower support for it and then throw the bumper on to see if the grill hits it. Oh and fyi it wont look this shitty when everything is done. This makes my car look dirty and rusty

^wide angle lens makes it look like ive got a crazy amount of camber...I don't

Talk about stealth! I didn't have to cut a single thing =] The only mod I had to make was to relocate the horns up a bit so the piping didn't hit them

Two more pieces I can check off my list, thanks to my friend Lance for these parts.

Oil sandwich plate, and oil feed line/fittings (yes it fits into my turbo)

Ok so thanks to Tater & MrGtiiiii for the piping. I was able to route the cold side of the piping today =] I had to cut a few of the pipes and a piece of the car but other than that it was a smooth process. I'm hoping I can find someone who can weld aluminum that way I can get rid of a few of these couplers. I still need to get some more piping for the hot side of it, but I wont be able to figure that part out until the turbo is mounted again.

I want these 2 couplers welded for sure

That piece you gave me Cody fit perfect right onto the trottle body. The bov is upside down, which I think is cool cause it's hidden, but if it's bad to have it upside down then I'll change it

The coupler right under the strut bar I'd like welded as well. I'll leave the one down near that hole where the pipe goes threw that way I can take it out & put it in...obviously

I'm also either going to paint the piping all black or get it powder coated, not sure which yet. Depends on my wallet at the end.

That's all I've got done so far. I still need to order my new radiator so Ican get it back on the road for now. I'm hoping to have this turbo set up done by the end of the year which my seem like a long time, but I'm going slow with this. I don't have a job right now...not sure if I mentioned that already or not (i just copied all this off another site I had posted it on). But I haven't paid a single dime for any of this turbo stuff so far, so it going slow is fine by me =]
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