Fabrication Everything From JBwelded/Fluxcored downpipes to Equal length SS Manifolds.


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Hey guys here is some of my recent work I did converting over a supercharged MINI to a straight Turbo setup. It is my car that I was running a twincharge setup on, but finally decided to go straight turbo. I fabricated everything you see in the pics. I am not the greatest of welders, but I can hold my own and I can get stuff done. It is something different than the norm and I am not quite done with it, but all the hard stuff is fab'd for now. Let me know what you think. I have about 96 hours in this fab work minus the manifold, which I built about a year ago. I did this this past week as I took a weeks vacation to try and finish this thing. As for the rest of the details, I built the engine almost 2 years ago and never fired it, it fired up tuesday morning at 7am after another all niter on the 1st try. I was extremely happy at that point.
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intake horn ran through front bumper support
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good stuff. i was hoping for an old school mini, but still cool. awesome fab work.
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Yeah old skool would be kewl...but waaaaay over kill for something that small....lol
Thanks for the props on the fab...
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damn nice work man. i think your fab work looks pretty damn good...
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ya those welds look pretty nice
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Very impressive work, i like the intercooler piping
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this is SO sick. i would love to fab up a mini.

i bet firing it up motivated you for the next year.
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master job!!
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Thanks for the props...I am pretty happy how it turned out especially for the amount of hours I put in and that I worked on it from 3pm til 7am each day. I think that helped keep me focused as I wasnt bothered with other stuff when the shop was opened.

I have ran into a snag however, my starter died an amazing death (which had me searching for the noise until its demise). My ClutchMasters FX600 is not dis-engaging when pressed. I put the FW/dual plate clutch in 1.5yrs ago when I put the engine and tranny back in, I went back and examined the pix I had taken, it all looks good. I am not sure if maybe I put the discs in backwards or if my new slave cylinder is being extremely lame. I am going to try and bleed it again and give CM a call to try to sort it out, but if anyone has any ideas on that dual disk clutch I am all ears...
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Nice job, only concern I would have is something catching fire with the turbo being that close to the firewall, you might want to get a insulated turbo bag for it just to be on the safe side. Other than that everything looks great. Love the scull cut out also As for the clutch, those twin discs can be a real pita, if you put it in that long ago and haven't used it I would take it back out just to examine it to be safe. If it is anything like the tilton I had it doesn't take much to give you issues.
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