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P2P/P28 Basemap on my Y8 w/ Uber????????

Old 04-21-2006, 08:18 PM
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Default P2P/P28 Basemap on my Y8 w/ Uber????????

Hi Im new here and Im done w/ HT, just a bunch of dumbshit ******** that offer ZERO FUCKEN HELP. Anyways, Im finally upgrading the fuel management on my 97 Y8 Civic. Ive been running the AFC hack for about a year (untunned ) and am finally looking to weed out some more HP running Uberdata 1.7. Im very new to all this so Im sorry if I ask gay *** questions. Im converting to OBD1 and already made my harness and chipped my P28. Ive been messiing around making uber basemaps for P28/z6's but how do I make a Y8/P2P basemap. I tried running a p28 basemap on my car but it runs like *** and starts to smoke? I know the timing is diffrent but how so? I heard I have to set base timing to 21 or sumtin like that. How do I do this? Ive also been checking out some basemaps w/ P2P timing but dont get it Can someone point me to more info on making basemaps for Y8s or even just send me one, please? Also do I need to do anything else when I make the basemap like advance or retard the timiing at dizzy and how much. Thank you in advance for your help guys.
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Default Re: P2P/P28 Basemap on my Y8 w/ Uber????????

Heres my set up if someone can help me out w/ a basemap:
Y8, stock block
450 tunner toys
45psi static Fuel Prs.
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Default Re: P2P/P28 Basemap on my Y8 w/ Uber????????

Talk to cray91 or xenocron, both are good guys. I wish I could help but I just tunned off a WB tuned map. I dont think Ive ever found a NA Y8 bin which I think thats what your looking for. I not even sure I know how to make one. Just remember the y8 is 4* diff from the z6. Not really sure I helped you out... :1
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Default Re: P2P/P28 Basemap on my Y8 w/ Uber????????

Thanx for your help. All I need is a basemap for a y8 w/ 440s, nothing fancy. Ive been checking out PGMFI and all I did find one bin w/ p2p timing and fuel in the ECU definition codes page but not sure wich editor it was writen w/, ----! I also searched on here and read a thread that xenocron posted in where he said he had a street tunned y8 map w/ 440s and 450s any chance you can post them on your bin depository or email one to me? Can someone help me out here please. I also wanted to know if the Y7 shares the sames the same cam gear as the Y8? And again, do I need to retard the dizzy at all when i chip my ecu? ---- i fell dumb as ---- but Im tired of the vafc.
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Default Re: P2P/P28 Basemap on my Y8 w/ Uber????????

when i tunned my y7 i didnt ---- with the dizzy. the z6 motors base timing is at 16 degrees before top dead center and the y7 and y8 are at 12 degrees BTDC. In uberdata select your entire timing map and take away timing untill the upper left corner goes from 16.50 to 12.50, then retard the timing with the step retard. Hope that helps.

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Default Re: P2P/P28 Basemap on my Y8 w/ Uber????????

i have a basemap that would work good with your setup. hit me up on aim and i'll send it to you. my sn is boostedwes
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Default Re: P2P/P28 Basemap on my Y8 w/ Uber????????

Please note: I'm the only one with hands on knowledge, sorry to swing the old e-dick.

Originally Posted by PancakeFucker
I tried running a p28 basemap on my car but it runs like *** and starts to smoke?
Oh, that's because you fed it 10-14 degrees too much timing at ~10 psi, and your ring lands are broken.

Long story short, the Y8 cam gear throws off camshaft indexing by 1/2 tooth, resulting in a 9.75 deg offset in their tables. What we are reading as 21 degrees base time in the OBD2 maps is really 12 degrees base time. The OBD2 ignition map is also VERY retarded and kilss off power, my personal theory is that the P2P ECU adds in timing based on knock sensor input, which means trying to run P2P ignition maps is a ---- in the ***.

What you need to do is start off with a D16Z6 basemap, but change all the ignition values in the idle region from 16 to 12. Set your base timing as you normally would, which will have the distributor dialled all the way forward. Now, recurve your timing under boost so that you have 7-8 degrees at 10 psi on the *high* cam ignition map (you can lock it there until 350+ whp)... that amount of recurve on the *low* cam map will likely be TOO much recurve, so keep your eyes open; if you have an EGT it will help you with the low cam map timing under boost. You may have too much timing at transition into boost, but there isn't much load there so I doubt you'll hurt anything...

Looking up SOHC Mshue's det can writeup on HT is the best all-around way to tune ignition safely on a budget.
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