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mazda 323 POS - MAF-equipped fuel options?

Old 05-15-2003, 01:31 PM
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Default mazda 323 POS - MAF-equipped fuel options?

I appologize ahead of time if this topic has been beat to death elsewhere....

I have a $600 '88 maz-dud 323 POS that i am thinking about ghetto-boosting after i finish restoring my '71 VW Karmann Ghia. i figure i won't need the POS anymore, so I might as well blow it up, haha. i'm good with cars and welding and have read on turbos, but i have no experience with turbos. If i do this, i'm doing it lo-dolla or it wouldn't be worth it: pilfered turbo and smic hopefully. homemade everything else possible, including a nonmandrel 3" exhaust made from muffler shop scrap tubing and $20 'turbo' muffler.

The Mazda uses a MAF sensor, while most of the hondas on here use a MAP. are fuel options the same? could the MAF compensate for the added air (up to the point where the injectors are at full cycle or whatever)? As in, if i ran 6psi or so, would i need management? Is a SMC with larger injectors adaptable, or is a FMU the cheaper or easier option? In Maximum Boost, they use a FMU and BTM on a MAF miata.

it may be cheaper to just get a different car, especially since this one doesn't run perfectly. i'm probly just dreaming if i think i can pull this off without spending the value of my car. it would be funny as ---- though, and true to the HMT spirit. thanks for the input.
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Old 05-16-2003, 12:21 AM
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Default Re:mazda 323 POS - MAF-equipped fuel options?

I would think you could run just an FMU with some sort of fuel pump inline or what not and just turn back your timing a little at the dizzy. With welding experience you can read the post on making your own turbo manifold(should be easy for ya). That only leaves oil lines, turbo, and IC. I got a smic for 20 bucks and you can get a turbo real cheap if you try. Do all the oil lines yourself. I think it would be sorta cool if you actually did this project. I am going to the junkyard tomorrow oh and if you in Georgia the SMIC is yours for free and if i get an extra turbo tomorrowat a good deal ill sell it to you at what i pay.
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Old 05-16-2003, 08:43 PM
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Default Re:mazda 323 POS - MAF-equipped fuel options?

don't forget that '88 and '89 323 came from factory with turbo/IC so if you can find a donor, your set.

I'm running a Megasquirt programmable efi piggybacked on my MAF 4ag Toyota and it's sweet, fully programmable for fuel only. The only reason I have the MAF installed is for load signal for the factory ECU timing control.

No turbo yet, but it won't be long, finished collecting parts and installing engine management, now I just need to find the time....

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Old 05-17-2003, 06:43 PM
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Default Re:mazda 323 POS - MAF-equipped fuel options?

How's this sound- Maximum Boost says it is possible to install larger injectors and increase the resistance of the flapper-style flow meter (as in extra spring or space the original spring out, i guess). has anyone ever done that? bitch to tune i bet, but it would perform the same function as a SMC or AFC, yes?

that would be cheap as hell- only have to get injectors, which can be stuck in socks from the jy, right JEFF?

last_mohican: that's a mighty nice offer. i'm in Aiken, SC. that's right across the border from Augusta, GA. where in GA are you? i would pull the ole' throw the turbo over the jy fence and pick it up later trick, but there are no pick your own part places in aiken, so i'll have to look around.

by the way, if anyone on here is going to USC or lives in columbia, i'm going there next fall and want to start a car club (yeah, i'm in high school)
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Default Re:mazda 323 POS - MAF-equipped fuel options?

Why not just use a stock oem mazda turbo manifold, ecu, and injectors? Or burn an eprom with the factory turbo code and install to your ecu and buy matching injectors?
Sure would be easier. I've posted a link to the factory bin file for '88 and up mazda ecu some where in this forum. Matching injectors for that code would be '88 mazda turbo mx6.


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