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D16z6 with V-AFC II???

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Default D16z6 with V-AFC II???

I'll start by saying, yeah, I've read all the negative crap about AFCz so spare me that. I'm looking in the wiring diagram from Apex and I do not see the D16 listed under Application Models. I have read many threads of people with D16z6 and V-AFC II so it must be possible. Which diagram/ecu pinout should I follow? If I d/l a pinout for my P28 and just cross reference and connect is this going to work? Any help would be great.
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Default Re: D16z6 with V-AFC II???

Sweet. Thanks!
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Default Re: D16z6 with V-AFC II???

Hmm, I'm having trouble identifying some of the pins and their functions seeing as how I cant seem to find an explanation of function so much as an akronym (LG1,PG1,MIL,STS, etc). Here are the ones I have found so far:

IGP1 A25

Which TDC do I use? TDCP B13 or TDCM B14?

Looking for pin#s for:

RPM signal

Again, this is on a P28 ecu.. Thanks!
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Default Re: D16z6 with V-AFC II???

Yeehaw.. You da man!
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Default Re: D16z6 with V-AFC II???

Wow seems you knows about ecus so, maybe you can help me

Im converting my OBD-0 Dual Point(PM5) to OBD-1 Multipoint(P2 and i have some questions in some pins locations from the PM5 ecu, can help?

Heres the pins i need, tell me if are correct (the left ones).
PM5----------------------- p28------------------------------- Function
A11----------TO-----------A9---------------------------------IAC Valve
A13----------TO-----------A25 and splice with B1?------Main relay
A15----------TO-----------B1 and splice with A25?------IGP2(WHAT ITS IGP?)
B13----------TO-----------B9--------------------------------------Starter signal
B10----------TO-----------B11-------------------------------------CYP-P(WHAT ITS CYP-P?)
B12----------TO-----------B12------------------------------------ CYP-M(WHAT ITS CYP-M?)
C1-----------TO-----------B15-------------------------------------CKP-P(WHAT ITS CKP-P?)
C2-----------TO-----------B16-------------------------------------CKP-M(WHAT ITS CKP-M?)
? -----------TO-----------D4---------------------------------------Service Check Connector
C6-----------TO-----------D13-------------------------------------ECT sensor
C5-----------TO-----------D15-------------------------------------IAT sensor
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Default Re: D16z6 with V-AFC II???

i deff need this page in a couple days
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Default Re: D16z6 with V-AFC II???

Originally Posted by jagojon3

A1-INJ1 INJ1 Brown, Battery Voltage with KOEO
A2-INJ4 INJ4 Yellow, Battery Voltage with KOEO
A3-INJ2 INJ2 Red, Battery Voltage with KOEO
A4-VTS VTEC solenoid GRN/YEL, N/a
A5-INJ3 INJ3 Blue, Battery Voltage with KOEO
A6-PO2SHTC O2 sensor (heating element) Org/Wht, Battery Voltage with KOEO
A7-FLR1 fuel pump Grn/BLK, Battery Voltage with KOEO
A8-empty A7 and A8 have the same circurt, so they can be the same
A9-IACV IAC valve Blk/Blu, About 10v KOEO on Warm engine
A11- This is EGR Control Solenoid Valve (if the ECU has) Red, N/A
A12-FANC engine coolant temp switch Blu/red, N/A
A13-MIL MIL (check engine light) Blu/wht, N/A
A15-ACC (a/c compressor clutch) Red/Blu, N/A
A16-ALT C alternator Wht/Grn, N/A
A17-IAB IAB Solenoid Pink, N/A
A18- Org/Red, Transmission Control Module (A/T), N/A
A19- White, Intake control solenoid, Battery Voltage with KOEO
A20-PCS EVAP purge control solenoid Red/Grn, N/a
A21-ICM ICM Yel/Grn, Ignition Control Module (ICM) Output signal, About 10V KOEO
A22- *per Sander* Ignitor same as A21
A23-PG1 ground Black, Power ground, less than 1V
A24-PG2 ground same as A23
A25-IGP2 to main relay and to gound for o Yel/blk, Battery positive from Main relay, Battery Voltage with KOEO
A26-LG1 gound Blk/red, less than 1V

B1-IGP2 to pin A25 Yel/Blk, Battery positive from Main relay, Battery Voltage with KOEO
B2-LG2 ground to shields for CYP & TDC Brown/Blk, Less than 1V
B3- Orange, upshift/downshift comparative input, N/A
B4- Pink, upshift/downshift comparative input, N/A
B5-ACS a/c switch Blu/Blk, A/c input, About 5V with KOEO & A/C off; less than 1V KOER with A/C & blower on
B7- Light green, Park/Neutral switch (A/T), Less than 1V in Park or Neutral with KOEO; 5V in Park or neutral with KOER; Battery voltage in all other positions
B8-PSPSW PSP switch Red/Green, Power steering oil pressure switch, 0V KOEO; Battery Voltage KOER While slowly turning steering wheel
B9-STARTER SIGNAL starter signal Blue/red, Battery Voltage in the START position (clutch depressed on M/T models)
B10-VSS vehicle speed sensor Orange, Pulses 0-12V while turning the left front wheel
B11-CYP P CYP -P Orange, CYP sensor input, N/A
B12-CYP M CYP -M White, CYP sensor signal, N/A
B13-TDC P TDC -P Org/Blue, TDC sensor input, N/A
B14-TDC M TDC -M Wht/Blue, TDC sensor signal, N/A
B15-CKP P CKP -P Blu/Green, CKP Sensor input, N/A
B16-CKP M CKP -M Blu/yel, CKP Sensor signal, N/A

D1-VBU Back Up Power Wht/Yel, Battery positive From battery through Fuse Box, Battery Voltage at ALL times
D2-BKSW brake switch Grn/wht, Battery voltage at all times
D3-KS Knock Sensor Red/Blue, N/A
D4-SCS service check connector Brown/Wht, About 5V (M/T); About 11V (A/T)
D6-VTM VTEC pressure switch Light Blue, N/A
D7-TXD/RXD (data link connector) Light Green/Red, N/A
D9-ALT F alternator Wht/Red, Alternator Charging Signal, About 4.5V KOEO; Decreases under Electrical load (Headlights & rear defogger on) At warm idle
D10-ELD electric load detector input Grn/Blk, N/A
D11-TPS TPS Signal Red/Blk, About 0.5V KOEO with throttle fully closed; About 4.5V KOEO with throttle fully open
D12- Wht/Blk, EGR Valve Lift sensor, About 1.2V KOEO
D13-ECT ECT sensor input Yel/Blu, About 5V KOEO (varies with temperature)
D14-PHO2S O2 sensor White, heated 02 sensor Signal, 0.4-0.5V when ignition is turned on; drops to less than 0.1V within 2 minutes
D15-IAT IAT sensor Red/Yel, Intake Air Temperature signal, .05-4.5V KOEO(Varies with temperature)
D16-VREF VREF shows BLANK on my diagram
D17-MAP Map Signal Wht/Blu, About 3V KOEO (Varies with Temperature)
D18- Light Green/Blk, Transmission Control Module (A/T Only), N/A
D19 - Red/Wht, Reference Voltage, About 5V KOEO
D20 - Yel/Wht, Reference Voltage, About 5V KOEO
D21 - Blue/Wht, Sensor ground, Less than 1V
D22 - Green/Wht, Sensor ground, Less than 1V

All pins posted N/A are only for A/T cars?
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