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Basemap help?

Old 02-07-2008, 03:01 PM
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Default Basemap help?

First, let me introduce myself. My name is Leo, 27 years old, from Croatia, Europe. I own a 1990 Civic HB D16Z2 (same engine as D16A6). I'm currently gathering up my parts for a turbo project, and I need a little help with basemap for my setup. First, the setup :

KKK K03 turbo (from WV Passat 1.8 T or Audi A4 1.8 T)
HF Manifold
450 ccm DSM Black Top Injectors
NAPA injector seals
ebay FMIC
NGK spark plugs (don't know the mark on them, but they are 7s...for turbo application)
Walbro 255 l/h Pump
B&M FPR w/fuel press gauge
ebay turbotimer
LSD Motorsports 6 puck w/sprung Clutch Kit
Felpro D16Z6 MLS Head Gasket
ARP Head Studs
Chip Kit
Ostrich Emulator
2.5 Bar Motorola MAP sensor
2.5" downpipe and exhaust

..and some other bits and pieces...

So, where can I find a good basemap, I'm looking at www.------------- in BIN directory for Turboedit...but I don't know what the mark NG55 or NG60 or like that means?

In that directory there is a basemap that I think I can start with...name is : ng60brenttestricher.bin

Descripition : ng60brenttestricher.bin
NG60, Stock D16A6, td05 14b, pm6, 450cc blacktop, 02 off, 7-8psi, rich in boost ~11.1-11.5, lean in vaccum (great fuel mileage off boost), 2.5 downpipe/exhaust, tubular manifold

So,what does NG60 stands for, and how "big" is that td05 14b is it simmilar to my KKK K03?

The tuning will be done on the street by my friend who already has a Turbo Civic OBD-1 he tuned with Crome...but he told me to provide a basemap to start with...

Any help will be appriciated! Thank you!
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Default Re: Basemap help?

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Default Re: Basemap help?

Don't hold me to this but I'm pretty sure that basemap will work, a 14b is a little bigger than a k03 but as long as the injectors are the same size it should get you running
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Default Re: Basemap help?

The basemap will just need to get me to the exhaust shop...and then to tuner...rest will be easy...
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Default Re: Basemap help?

That map is for a stock map sensor, you're gona run a 2.5bar. It wont work.
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Default Re: Basemap help?

do you have a wideband oxygen sensor? if you do i can walk you through setting your ---- up, the difference in the ng55/ng60 is the ng60 is the most stable version of code with the least errors, you can use ng55 bins but i don't recommend it because your going to get fucked up errors and not know what is causing them ( like it will give you a line error and close the program while your driving down the road trying to tune, or work one day and not the next even though nothing changed).

Anyway you can just make your own basemap, just open turbo edit and open the stock pm6 bin and export it to a file ( i called mine "pm6 stock code") , after that just open a new NG60 bin and right click/ import map, then chick the IMPORT radio button and select the file you just created, then you should have a ng60 bin with stock pm6 values, so just select your map sensor size and injectors and you should be close enough to drive it to your tuner.

if its off you can use math to bring your air fuel ratio closer to where you want it, to scale your injectors the formula is

(Old Injectors / New injectors) - 1 = how much you add/remove percent wise

and its something like 8% is equal to 1 afr point, give or take a bit, so if your idleing at 13.7:1 and you want it to be at 14.7:1 subtract 8% from the section where you are idleing at to see if that gets you close, etc.
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Default Re: Basemap help?

2signorelli21>respect for that write-up.....you brought the light into my life,hahahahaha...I'ww do that what you told me...thanks...will keep you updated.. :1
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